The Finger Of Doom Picks The Nose Of Curiosity

The post that was originally here was boring and written in a hurry. How about if I replace it with a Doc Fact?

Doc Fact #1: When I was about 11 or 12, I had a pet duck named Duck. If I called to him, he’d answer with a loud quack and come running. He used to hang out with our two dogs and come to the end of our driveway to meet us when the school bus dropped us off.

Eventually, Duck got a wife (Mrs. Duck) and some kids. When I started 8th grade, I gave him to some nice folks who could give him and his wife more attention. He lived a good long ducky life.


Free Range Celtic White Boy

…I wear a radio collar so Grace can track me


(This post now with RETCON! from 2017)

Hmmmm…no posts in almost a week…could it be that nothing of much importance has happened? Well, yeah. Both Grace and I have been busting our asses at work all week. My week has actually gone fairly smoothly, mostly due to the fact that my halfwitted cunt of a boss has been gone most of the week. (She later went to work someplace else, possibly at a training school for halfwitted cunts)

The garden continues to flourish and the veggie garden is off to a good start. I’ve been thinning out the rampant mass of California Poppies that threatens to crush everything else like some floral juggernaut, so things are looking nicer.  (Those poppies went apeshit that year)

This weekend will find me doing more gardening, buying a bicycle, bathing Roscoe the Wonder Dog, maybe taking a drive with my Sweet Little Celestial Parrotlet Of Cuteness so we can look at country property (with an eye towards buying some in a couple of years), possibly going to a movie and just maybe getting into some trouble:)  (Did not buy the bicycle for about 11 years. Not sure if we bathed Roscoe. REALLY wish we’d bought some country property.)

I Was So Much Older Then. I’m Younger Than That Now.

Now with commentary from 2019!


It was shopping day for Uncle Doc today. Bought a kilt from the Sport Kilt folks who were out at the Scottish Games in Woodland. Damn, this thing is COMFY…and very freeing, if ya get my drift:) (as long as a mosquito does not fly up and bite your junk) I think I’ll buy at least one more. And there will be pix soon, for you curious folks who wonder how the Great and Powerful Doc looks in a kilt:)

Also bought some gardening stuff and a couple of used CDs (The Essential Byrds and Endless Summer by the Beach Boys).

Grace bought her PDA yesterday. It’s a Palm Tungsten E. She is having fun playing with it and getting to know it. (It was the new hotness 15 years ago. Now I doubt if most folks even remember them)

Next weekend, I’m going to buy a bicycle. It’s been years since I had one and I miss riding around. (Nope, did not buy a bicycle.)

And now, a bit of kicking back before I go finish planting veggies…while wearing the kilt. THAT ought to get the neighbors talking:) (Considering how they reacted years later to taking dogs and disappearing buses and shit, I’ll bet they wish I’d go back to gardening in a kilt.)

A Little Bit Of Terror On A Hot Summer Night

Well, it took all day and I only got half the veggies in the ground, but my veg garden is looking damned good. Of course, I did get a bit of sunstroke that had me laid out flat in bed for 3 hours (wives can be very stern nurses), but I’ll live. Tomorrow: finish the veggie bed and then head off to the Scottish Games to get measured for a Utilikilt.

Wake Up. Time To Die.

Ok, so tonight my Sweet Little Tahitian Blue Lory of Passion and I went to see “Kill Bill Volume 2”. Unlike many people, I shall not compare it to “the first movie” because it’s only the last half of the whole movie. I really liked it and thought the last portion (with all the talking) was at least as well done as the fight scenes. I could have told Bill that pissing a woman off that badly could only lead to having your ass handed to you. Anyway, I’ll reserve my complete opinion on KILL BILL until the inevitable day a year or so from now when the whole movie in one bigass piece is released. Until then tho, it’s a flick worth seeing.


I’ve seen others do this, so here I go…

READING: The Encyclopedia of Annuals and Perennials

WATCHING: Several episodes of “Designed To Sell”

DRINKING: Thai Iced Tea (but hot, not iced)

EATING: Leftover pizza with Tabasco Jalapeno Sauce

LISTENING: Neil Young “Harvest” alternating with Van Morrison “Moondance”

PLAYING: Empire Earth

CONTEMPLATING: Buying a kilt.

Scary Monster Popcorn

Not the most eventful weekend here at the the Cross Family Secret Hideout and Canine Thrill Park. The fuckin’ weather conspired to keep me from getting my veggies planted. It rained on Saturday and again today. Oh well, maybe I can get everything done after work this week.

Didn’t go see “Kill Bill Volume 2” as planned, but will see it this Thursday night. Our twice monthly RPG session was one player short, but we muddled thru anyway.

Our refi on the house went thru, so my Sweet Little Chocolate Covered Cherry Of Love and I will be having some $$$ to do stuff with. Stuff like go on our annual vacation to GenCon, buy some things for the house and put some money in the Emergency Fund. Grace is wanting to get a PDA to help her keep things organized and I’m thinking I’ll but a bicycle.

Well, time to sign off. More blogstuff later.