Woke Up Ready To Rock

Recently, the Great and Powerful Robin D. Laws had a blog entry on the subject of putting ideas for novels/short stories/etc out where the public might take them and run with them. This is based on the fact that any writer (or in my case, daydreamer) will at any given time have many more ideas than he will have time or energy to deal with them.

So, my little scalawags, here are a few ideas that have spent long enough in my Humongous Box of Creativity. Do with them as you will.

1: Middle aged guy (thinking a Jim Belushi type here) gets super powers. He’s invulnerable and can fly. No super strength, X ray vision, etc. Does he become a hero? If so, how does he keep his identity secret? Does he tell his wife? How does he explain being gone at odd times? How does he use the two powers effectively? I can imagine a pretty funny movie here.

2: What if women really ARE a different species? Maybe they aren’t aware of it yet. Or maybe they are and they have secret organizations in place to hide the truth.

3: A small town in the Gold Country of Northern California is a nexus point for the strange and paranormal. Yes, this does borrow a bit from the old tv show “Eerie, Indiana”, but I see this as being played straighter and scarier.

ACK! Time for work! I’m outta here!

NOTE from 2/11/06: See, I need to do stuff like this alot more often. I get about 473 ideas every day and I could be putting them out there for y’all to marvel or laugh at.


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