Scary Monster Popcorn

Not the most eventful weekend here at the the Cross Family Secret Hideout and Canine Thrill Park. The fuckin’ weather conspired to keep me from getting my veggies planted. It rained on Saturday and again today. Oh well, maybe I can get everything done after work this week.

Didn’t go see “Kill Bill Volume 2” as planned, but will see it this Thursday night. Our twice monthly RPG session was one player short, but we muddled thru anyway.

Our refi on the house went thru, so my Sweet Little Chocolate Covered Cherry Of Love and I will be having some $$$ to do stuff with. Stuff like go on our annual vacation to GenCon, buy some things for the house and put some money in the Emergency Fund. Grace is wanting to get a PDA to help her keep things organized and I’m thinking I’ll but a bicycle.

Well, time to sign off. More blogstuff later.


2 comments on “Scary Monster Popcorn

  1. delazan says:

    Definitely buy the lady a PDA; you and she will be sooo glad you did. I take mine everywhere, yes, even to bed with me in case I think of something in the middle of the night that I want to write down.
    I’ve had a PDA for over two years now, and I love it. Actually, I’m on PDA #4. Let’s just say don’t use the PDA to play solitaire; you will burn through it very fast if you do.
    Tetris is another story….

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