A Great Day For Coconut Snot

Well, my little porkchops, let’s see what Uncle Doc did today.

I got up early and drove up to my moms house. She gave me some plants and a couple of pieces of garden equipment. I gave her a Mothers Day card and twenty bucks. (because I no longer give actual gifts to family members) We chatted awile and then she also gave me the old reel to reel tape recorder that she bought for my father way back in the mid 1960s. It hasn’t been used in at least 30 years and still has that bigass reel of tape on it. My assignment from her is to attempt to transfer what is on the tape onto CD format. Hopefully, the tape has not degraded over the last 40 years of being in closets, garages, etc.

After I got back home, Grace and I drove out to Davis to that wonderful organic hippyfest known as the Whole Earth Festival. We wandered around looking at the arts, crafts, alternative energy exhibits, food and clothing stalls, political/social issue booths and listened to all kinds of music. I bought two tie dyed bandanas, Grace bought a stainless steel water bottle and we bought some organic veggie dog biscuits for Roscoe. He liked them alot.

After returning from the WEF, Grace took a nap while I planted the plants I got from mom. I also pulled up a shitload more of the poppies and generally tidied up some of the garden.

By the time my gardening was done, I was pretty beat. Still, I summoned enough energy to go grocery shopping. Once that was over, it was recliner time for me. Grace and I decided to go see Van Helsing on Thursday, when only a few other people would be at the theatre.

And that’s it. Tomorrow, another thrilling chapter in “Doc & Grace Meet The Weekend”:)


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