Burned By The Rays Of A Sunny Disposition

Update on Sunday: Grace put off her Mothers Day dinner until this Friday, cos we were both tired.

Health update: The methotrexate is still whipping the ass of my psoriasis AND it ain’t killing me yet. Unfortunately, the fact that I can’t have alcohol while on this drug means that I’m craving beer like crazy.

Political Update: Conservative Republicans are still Evil, Moderate Republicans are still misguided, Democrats are still semispineless, Far Left Democrats are still mostly detached from harsh reality, Independents still want the best of both worlds but nobody gives a fuck.

Garden Update: The veggies are getting ready to take off like a ruptured duck. Lilies are starting to bloom, sunflowers are a mile high and in bloom, Asters, daylilies and all the daisies are popping out all over. The butterfly bush is already 3 feet tall and in bloom. My blue festuca grass clumps are, for the first time, flowering like crazy. And I STILL haven’t gotten my potatos planted.

Dog Update: Roscoe is still healthy, still spoiled and still convinced that he is just a short human in a fur coat.


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