Is That A Real Poncho Or a Sears Poncho?

Title courtesy of the late great Frank Zappa.

All of the con reports I’ve been reading about Origins 2004 kinda make me want to go to Origins some year in the near future. Probably not next year, but maybe the year after. GenCon is fun and all, but a change of pace might be nice. Of course, lately I’ve been thinking of Hawaii alot, so there may be no con going at all next year.

Back on the subject of GenCon, I’m drying some herbs to bring to several of my gamer friends. Right now, I’ve got sweet basil, french tarragon, lemon verbena, garlic and chiles. I’ll have chives, thyme and savory as soon as they regrow from their recent post-bloom haircuts.

Well, time for bed. More blogging later.

Edit From 2019: 15 years later and I have still not gotten back to Origins. Maybe next year. My thoughts about Hawaii did not turn into a vacation until 2006, when we went there for 5 days on our 10th anniversary.

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Jose Cuervo

Another fun weekend here at The D&G Cross International Home For Aging Gamers:) We PVRed “Return of the King” off of pay per view, so now we have the whole trilogy saved. Soon, we’ll set aside a Saturday and watch the whole shootin’ match from start to finish.

I spent the bulk of Saturday driving around doing errands and such, so little got done in the house or garden. I did manage to convert more vinyl to MP3’s, but still have several albums to do.

This morning my brother, Kelly, came down and helped me remove the stump of an old shrub that has defied my repeated attemps to dig it up. Armed with picks, shovels and a chainsaw, we made short work of it. Now I have a spiffy spot to transplant some of my 87,000,000 plants:)

Just heard that “Farenheit 9/11” set a box office record with almost $22 million. YAY! Thanks just MUST go out to the wonderful advertising campaign done by the whining and crying of the neocon nutcases who tried to sabotage the movie. Way to go, you scummy right wing fuckos! Let’s see if you can piss and moan it to another $20 million this week.

Well, it’s time for bed. More Blog-O-Rama soon.

The Basset Hound Liberation Front

So I’m driving home from work, music blasting loud, when right in the middle of The Ramones “Rock and Roll Radio” these altered lyrics popped into my head…

We need change and we need it fast.
The GOP is stuck in the past.
And lately they all sound insane to me
Woah Woah

That felt good:)

Oh yeah, before I go…listen to Air America Radio. It’s a voice of sanity in the predominantly right wing nutcase world of talk radio.

Fear And Loathing In Middle Earth

Oh yumski yumski! My friend Sharon went all crazy in the head this weekend and spent the better part of two days cooking up huge batches of Chili Verde, Spanish Rice and Refried Beans. Last night, she gave me a bunch of all three and I had a fine dinner. Even better, since Grace doesn’t like Mexican food, I get to EAT IT ALL!!! BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

Converted more stacks of wax into MP3s last night. It’s time consuming, but fun and I get pretty nostalgic listening to those old albums.

52 days until My Sweet Little Deep Sea Anglerfish of Sweetness and I leave for our GenCon Trip. This is our big vacation from work and everything else, so we’re REALLY looking forward to it. As part of our prep, next Saturday will find us busting out our camping stuff and going on a little overnight trip so we can check everything out. Gotta make sure the tent won’t leak and the queen sized inflatable bed still functions:)

Friday the 25th of June is the birthday of two of my favorite people: My dear friend Avis Crane (who will be turning 50) and my dog Roscoe (who will be 15). I’m happy to say that both of them are still frisky and full of life, altho Avis smells infinitely better than Roscoe does:)

Oh yeah, speaking of Roscoe, he’s getting a meatloaf for his birthday cake. That old pooch just loves the delicious human food:)

Spending Quality Time In A Warehouse Full Of Other People’s Stuff

I’m taking a break from transferring some of my LP records to MP3 status. I’d forgotten how many albums I have. After the break, I’ll be doing all my Michael Nesmith stuff, then it’s Jethro Tull and The Kinks.

My “Hell In Your Mouth Chili” turned out very well yesterday. With luck, my tongue will regrow my taste buds soon:) Man, it was some HOTASS chili.

Grace and I went to see “The Chronicles Of Riddick” earlier today. It was ok at the bargain matinee price.

We’re gonna watch the new version of ‘Salems Lot on TNT tonight. Hopefully, it won’t suck.

Finally, I’m stealing something from…well, a bunch of LJ folks. The idea is to find out about each other beyond what our LJ stuff says. So, Gentle Readers, ask me anything. You might want to first go check my “About Me” stuff on The Dociverse website, so you can ask me the really juicy stuff that I haven’t mentioned before:)

By The Way, the title of this entry is based on something I said to an ex-girlfriend many years ago during the second decade of my Wild and Misspent Youth:)

Kitty Cats Steal A Sports Car

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Naturally, gardening is a large part of it, but there are other things screaming for my time.

First off, I have to hook my friend Sally’s turntable up to my laptop and transform several albums worth of music into MP3s. Next, I need to dry some of the massive amounts of herbs my garden is spewing out. Then comes cooking as I make a big batch of my “Hell In Your Mouth” chili. Grace won’t touch the stuff, but I’ll be eating it up and sweating all the while:) As long as I’m in the kitchen, I’ll be trying my hand at pickle making. I’ve GOT to use all those tons of cucumbers somehow. Finally, there are many little household things that must be done, so I’ll be doing half of them.

Just another fun Saturday at the D&G Cross Home For Fat Old Dogs.