Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Jose Cuervo

Another fun weekend here at The D&G Cross International Home For Aging Gamers:) We PVRed “Return of the King” off of pay per view, so now we have the whole trilogy saved. Soon, we’ll set aside a Saturday and watch the whole shootin’ match from start to finish.

I spent the bulk of Saturday driving around doing errands and such, so little got done in the house or garden. I did manage to convert more vinyl to MP3’s, but still have several albums to do.

This morning my brother, Kelly, came down and helped me remove the stump of an old shrub that has defied my repeated attemps to dig it up. Armed with picks, shovels and a chainsaw, we made short work of it. Now I have a spiffy spot to transplant some of my 87,000,000 plants:)

Just heard that “Farenheit 9/11” set a box office record with almost $22 million. YAY! Thanks just MUST go out to the wonderful advertising campaign done by the whining and crying of the neocon nutcases who tried to sabotage the movie. Way to go, you scummy right wing fuckos! Let’s see if you can piss and moan it to another $20 million this week.

Well, it’s time for bed. More Blog-O-Rama soon.

Author: Doc Cross

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