Yes The Nightshades Is The Right Shades

Hoo Boy, it is Tomato Season here at Farmer Doc’s Organic Front Yard & Garden! We have them ripening at an insane pace (especially the overachieving cherry tomato plant) and Grace and I are eating them every night with dinner and often for snacks. The big Cherokee Purples, the Black Krims and the Brandywines are particularly yummy. Given all the healthful properties of tomatoes, we will no doubt be totally antioxidated and vitamin packed in a couple more weeks. I’m already thinking I’m only days away from pissing pure lycopene:)

Besides eating those luscious red berries (and the 4,982 pounds of green beans we are up to our asses in) Grace and I have been playing Puzzle Pirates and Runescape, respectively. Both games are lots of fun and Grace is having a ball with Puzzle Pirates. The URLs are…

Runescape is fairly simplistic as far as MMORPGs go, but it’s fun and free (tho you can pay $5.00 a month and greatly expand your gaming fun). Not sure if I’ll become a paying member, but I’ll play it for a while yet.

And So I Nicknamed Her “Squinky”

Well, after an afternoon of running hither and thither and comparing prices, I bought a Canon ZR85 digital camcorder. And then I bought a better battery for it…and a case…and a Mini DV to record on…and a firewire card for the laptop…and a cable to connect the camcorder to the firewire card. Thus departeth over 700 simoleons from my pocket. Ahh, the price of cool stuff.

I’ll be playing with my cool new toy later, so as to improve my mad video skillz in time for the GenCon trip, but first I’m going to take a nap with my sweetie.

More videocam related bloggo later.

The Great And Powerful Turtle Live At Fillmore West

I just added it up and the Doc & Grace Meander Across America/Go To GenCon 2004 Tour will total about 5875 miles. Whole lotta travellin’ going on, baby!

In other news, after conferring with my players, we’ve deciced that we are going to completely redo the “kingdom building” game when starts back up after GenCon. This time, they’ll start off by actually landing their ships on the shores of the new land and building the kingdom from scratch. Should be fun and they are all looking forward to it.

She Was Sexy, But The Thing With The Squid Turned Me Off

Yowza! Over a week with no bloggage, but I’m back now.

Much of the past 3-4 days has been taken up with either working or trying to figure out the most fun route to take to GenCon. We have pretty much decided on this one…

Sacramento to … Ely, Nevada … Nephi, Utah … Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado … Rocky Mountain Nationa Park, Colorado … Cheyenne, Wyoming … Mount Rushmore, South Dakota … Minneapolis, Minnesota … Madison, Wisconsin … Indianaplolis, Indiana

Including, of course, All Points In Between:)

All done in five and one half days of driving and touristy fun. Oh yeah, we’ll be packing a camcorder and we aren’t afraid to use it:)

The route has actually mutated significantly from what we originally had in mind, mostly to avoid the mindnumbing boredom of driving along Interstate 80 thru Nebraska and Iowa. Unfortunately, altho we will be passing thru towns where some gaming friends live, we most likely won’t be stopping long enough for a proper visit.

The route HOME from GenCon was set months ago. It is…

Indy to St. Louis, then Historic Route 66 (or what has replaced it) all the way to Southern California and then home. We are allotting 7 days for that part of the trip.

Time to heat up curry for dinner. More blogstuff later.

The Rare Lithuanian Sneezing Clam

We saw “Spider-Man 2” tonight and it was very very good. Not my #1 all time best comic book movie, which would be “X-Men”, but it’s surely #2 on the list. The story was excellent and the fights between Spidey and Doc Ock were just…WOW! The only thing bad about the whole experience tonight was that a bunch of fucking low rent losers brought their loudass little kids to the movie, then proceeded to let them run wild. Most people should NOT breed.

It’s Zero Hour And We’re All Outta Booze

Came home yesterday to find that four of my 8,000,000 cantalopes were ripe. Picked ’em, sliced one in two and ate half of it. Hot damn, these are some delicious melons. I reckon Grace and I will be eating them for quite awhile, since the vines show no sign of slowing their production.

This coming Sunday and the one after will be our groups last two gaming sessions until after GenCon. So far, the kingdom that my players have been creating/expanding is looking pretty good. Last session they spied on a new civilization and I’m thinking that this Sunday they’ll make first contact. should be interesting.

Tonight we’ll finally go to see Spider-Man 2. I’m really looking forward to it. Now if only they’d make a Dr. Strange movie. (from the Lee/Ditko era, please)

Attack Of The Killer Zuchinnis

4th of July here at Chez Cross was much like any other Sunday, except I hauled out the barbecue and made some Docburgers and grilled corn on the cob. Very tasty stuff. We also had suteed chanterelle mushrooms as an appetizer and ice cream for afters.

The rest of the day was occupied by gardening (my tomatos are beginning to ripen), recording even more albums into MP3s and general goofing off.

We didn’t go to see any fireworks, mostly due to not wanting to brave the teeming hordes. Our neighbors have been setting off fireworks of vaying shades of legality all night tho, so we have seen a few cool displays.

More blogstuff later.

Doc’s Head Explodes! Film At 11:00!

Ok, this right here is just TOO FUCKING STRANGE. I’m looking thru the American Map 2004 Road Atlas of the United States (large scale, large type edition) doing some vacation planning and as I’m checking out Iowa, I’m seeing points of interest listed and right there by Riverside(just south of Iowa City)I see an entry that says “Future Birthplace Of Captain James T Kirk”. I shit you not. I was rendered speechless and googly eyed.

Fuckin’ Trekkies are everywhere.