Doc and Grace On The Road: Part Two (Still Friday, August 13th)

In which we finally practice our videography, deal with the heat of the desert, see wildlife and enter Utah.

We have finally gotten some video footage under our belts and when the eventual 2004 Road Trip DVD appears, some of you may get to see our handiwork. Actually, a few of you may get to see the raw footage at GenCon

Being as how this is desert we’re driving through, it’s pretty damned hot outside. This means driving with the AC on and drinking lots of cold drinks. The cold drinks are fine, but the AC is really doing a number on our gas mileage, especially when you factor in our new cartop luggage carrier. We tried driving with no AC and the windows open, but after the little red “FULLY COOKED” indicators popped out of our breasts, we turned the AC back on.

Anyone who read the 2002 Trip Report on my website knows that we saw almost no wildlife on that trip. Well, we’re having much better luck this time. We’ve seen hawks, ravens, deer, jackrabbits, a ground squirrel and TWO golden eagles. And we aren’t even trough Utah yet.

Speaking of Utah, we entered it about an hour ago. If you like rocks and scrub, western Utah is the place for you.

Fun Trip Fact: It appears that if you are looking to buy cheap souvenirs for your friends, you need to be traveling on an interstate freeway, since the stores along interstate highways don’t stock them.

Fun Trip Fact: No matter what state or country you come from, the drivers in other states/countries are always worse.


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: At this point in the journey, we are living in a Fool’s Paradise, since a night in a shithole motel in Mormon Central is only hours away.


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