She Has A Light In Her Eyes That Explodes My Soul

My Faithful Hound, Roscoe, is feeling much better today. His vet vist earned him some antibiotics and a day of testing. He was glad to get home.

Just over a week until Grace and I begin our roaming route across America. I’ll post daily trip updates and GenCon reports here every day that we are gone.

Speaking of the trip, Grace ordered some totally spiffy Route 66 maps from Amazon. They’ll come in handy as we explore the Mother Road.


We Have Dog Activity In Sector 52

Damn…another week between posts. Well, there isn’t much news anyway. My tomatos have been hit by hordes of aphids, but seeing as how the heat is beginning to slow tomato production down anyway, I may just harvest what’s out there, then cut the plants off a few inches above the ground and dispose of them aphids and all. THEN, hopefully, the remaining roots and short stalk will grow new tomato plants that will give me a few Fall tomatos.

Poor Roscoe is sick with diarreah. We suspect that he ate something he ought not have. He’s doing better today, altho he still doesn’t have much appetite. We are, of course, giving him plenty of love and attention.

A bit more than a week and a half before the Big Trip. Amazingly, we seem to be getting most of the preliminary packing and stuff done on schedule. At this rate, we probably won’t forget more than 3 or 4 things when we actually leave:)