Slippery Answers To Dangerous Questions

Hey, y’all…I’m looking for a cartoony type artist to team up with me on a comic strip about gaming/gamers. (wow, original concept, eh?) If anybody knows of one, let me know.

May The Forks Be with You

Time for an Update on what I’m up to lately…

READING: “Master and Commander” by Patrick O’Brien A cracking good novel and the first in the “Aubrey/Maturin” series.

BUYING: Native plants today at the annual fall sale put on by

CREATING: Lists and maps and more maps for the Kingdom Building Game. ACK! Not done yet and tomorrow’s game day!

COOKING: About 2 gallons of red spaghetti sauce. Yum Yum!

WATCHING: “Lost” This series starts right off with the strangeness and hopefully it won’t let up.

DRINKING: Guinness Draught

LISTENING TO: A disc full of Merle Haggard’s Greatest Hits

PLAYING: Puzzle Pirates (alternating with Sim City 2000)

WISHING I COULD SERIOUSLY BITCHSLAP: The entire Republican Party leadership (for being evil lying slime merchants) and the entire Democratic Party leadership (for being spine unfocussed pussies)

Iron Chef: Dogfood Sandwich Battle

(Note: I often make Roscoe sandwiches composed of two slices of bread with canned dogfood in between. Thinking that they are human food items, he scarfs ’em down.)

ARRR, ya goggle eyed buncha landlubbers, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Here aboard the “Falling Anvil”, me and me first mate Grace be lookin’ forward to a day o’ drinkin’ grog and actin’ all swashbucklin’ like. Arrr! Sink me fer a one eyed codfish, I just might haveta go rent me a couple o’ Errol Flynn pirate flicks ta go with our viewin’ of “Pirates of the Carribean”! Yo ho ho and a bottle full of tequila! (the Ol’ Cap’n don’t drink rum no more)

Signed by my own hand,

Captain Squideye Squinks, Scourge of San Francisco Bay and All Rivers leading thereto.

Crunchy Munchy Honey Bunchy

Just got back from seeing “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”. Absolutely excellent Saturday matinee movie! Action packed, retrofuture looking, Godzilla/King Kong referencing, Hollywood serial honoring coolness of the highest order. Take you kids, take your parents…hell, take your GRANDPARENTS! Worth every penny of whatever the ticket costs you.

Also hitting the redline on the Incredible Coolness Meter: Grace and I have found out that both our AND our neighbor’s insurance companies will be ponying up the money we spent on the 3 Day Weekend From Hell tree removal/electrical repairs. We did the happy dance when we found out.

Puny Humans! Hulk Smash!

As Grace and I expected, the subhuman white trash next door are not being cooperative now that they’ve found out they owe us for their half of the repairs for the tree damage. They are avoiding us (which normally would be a blessing) and they hung up on our insurance agent. Looks like we’ll be calling a lawyer to get on their asses.

*SIGH* These matters were so much easier for me to deal with in the old days…a phone call…a couple of guys knock on their door…a conversation ensues and then…BADA BING…I get my money.

Sometimes I hate being domesticated and civilized.

Rollin’ And Ramblin’

Grace and I went to see “Hero” today. Wonderful film with a great story well told. A joy to feast your eyes upon, too.

Aside from our outing to the cinema, this has been a lazy weekend. After last weekend and the Fallen Tree From Hell, we reckoned we deserved some relaxation.

Tomorrow marks the resumption of our twice monthly gaming sessions. We’ll be firing up a shiny new version of the kingdom building game. I’ve been using Campaign Cartographer to do the new maps and they are looking pretty spiffy. The players are keen to get started and so am I.

More bloggage later.

The Squirrels Are Watching Me

The latest from the insurance company: No problem paying us for the repairs on OUR electrical stuff/tree removal. However, all the electrical repairs done on our white trash neighbors house seems to have been THEIR responsibility, not ours. Acty Of God and all, don’tyaknow. Now the big trick will be getting the $3,500.00 out of THEIR insurance company. You know those mulletheaded gits aren’t gonna want to pony up their insurance info. Grace and I are donning our armor and readying our swords for that fun.

Damn, don’t ya just love life sometimes?

Actually, Grace tells me we may be able to get their insurance info without dealing directly with them. Hopefully, this will work…altho I DO want to see the look on their inbred faces when they find out THEIR insurance rates have gone up:)