The Squirrels Are Watching Me

The latest from the insurance company: No problem paying us for the repairs on OUR electrical stuff/tree removal. However, all the electrical repairs done on our white trash neighbors house seems to have been THEIR responsibility, not ours. Acty Of God and all, don’tyaknow. Now the big trick will be getting the $3,500.00 out of THEIR insurance company. You know those mulletheaded gits aren’t gonna want to pony up their insurance info. Grace and I are donning our armor and readying our swords for that fun.

Damn, don’t ya just love life sometimes?

Actually, Grace tells me we may be able to get their insurance info without dealing directly with them. Hopefully, this will work…altho I DO want to see the look on their inbred faces when they find out THEIR insurance rates have gone up:)

One comment on “The Squirrels Are Watching Me

  1. jbru says:

    Man, I’m glad your insurance has kicked in. You just hit the sucky part of homeownership kinda hard there. Hope things work out and stay calm for a while.

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