Puny Humans! Hulk Smash!

As Grace and I expected, the subhuman white trash next door are not being cooperative now that they’ve found out they owe us for their half of the repairs for the tree damage. They are avoiding us (which normally would be a blessing) and they hung up on our insurance agent. Looks like we’ll be calling a lawyer to get on their asses.

*SIGH* These matters were so much easier for me to deal with in the old days…a phone call…a couple of guys knock on their door…a conversation ensues and then…BADA BING…I get my money.

Sometimes I hate being domesticated and civilized.

2 comments on “Puny Humans! Hulk Smash!

  1. delazan says:

    The Sopranos
    You are the inspiration for the Sopranos, aren’t you?

    • Doc Cross says:

      Re: The Sopranos
      Me? Oh heavens no. I’m too Celtic to have been a real wiseguy. No, I just knew guys who knew guys. Sometimes you’d be owed a favor or maybe somebody wanted you to provide them a service or something. But that was many years ago. I’m a fine upstanding citizen now:)

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