Iron Chef: Dogfood Sandwich Battle

(Note: I often make Roscoe sandwiches composed of two slices of bread with canned dogfood in between. Thinking that they are human food items, he scarfs ’em down.)

ARRR, ya goggle eyed buncha landlubbers, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Here aboard the “Falling Anvil”, me and me first mate Grace be lookin’ forward to a day o’ drinkin’ grog and actin’ all swashbucklin’ like. Arrr! Sink me fer a one eyed codfish, I just might haveta go rent me a couple o’ Errol Flynn pirate flicks ta go with our viewin’ of “Pirates of the Carribean”! Yo ho ho and a bottle full of tequila! (the Ol’ Cap’n don’t drink rum no more)

Signed by my own hand,

Captain Squideye Squinks, Scourge of San Francisco Bay and All Rivers leading thereto.