May The Forks Be with You

Time for an Update on what I’m up to lately…

READING: “Master and Commander” by Patrick O’Brien A cracking good novel and the first in the “Aubrey/Maturin” series.

BUYING: Native plants today at the annual fall sale put on by

CREATING: Lists and maps and more maps for the Kingdom Building Game. ACK! Not done yet and tomorrow’s game day!

COOKING: About 2 gallons of red spaghetti sauce. Yum Yum!

WATCHING: “Lost” This series starts right off with the strangeness and hopefully it won’t let up.

DRINKING: Guinness Draught

LISTENING TO: A disc full of Merle Haggard’s Greatest Hits

PLAYING: Puzzle Pirates (alternating with Sim City 2000)

WISHING I COULD SERIOUSLY BITCHSLAP: The entire Republican Party leadership (for being evil lying slime merchants) and the entire Democratic Party leadership (for being spine unfocussed pussies)


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