As of about 6:30 this evening, our power was finally restored. The electricians have to come back tomorrow and put in a ground on our box AND fix our neighbors stuff.

Cost of all of this emergency shit on Labor day weekend? $7,200 so far, with as much as $3,000 more if they have to do and fancy shit to get the rest done (like busting concrete to put in the grounding wires.

On Tuesday, we will hopefully meet with our insurance person and give him/her many reciepts. Later, and how much later is anybody’s guess, we will get reimbursed for our thousands of dollars.

And now Grace and I are thinking we might just make our move out to the country alot sooner than the 5 years we were considering.

Life Sucketh!

Spent all day with my brother cutting up and removing the bigass hunk of tree that fell into the white trash yard nex door. Worked my ass off. Electrician never did a fucking thing to restore power, so called an electrical contractor who will be here to fix everything in the morning. Borrowed my mom’s gas powered generator, so we can re-chill the fridge and re-freeze the freezer stuff AND have some fans blowing until Grace falls asleep. Generator is noisy, but better than no power at all. More whining later.


High winds in the valley today. Got home at 5:00 to find that part of the tree in the backyard had broken off, falling across the power lines to my house and the neighbors house. Local utility could restore half of his power, but our damage happened on the wrong spot to be the utilities responsibility. Therefore, no power here until we can call in an emergency electrician, who will no doubt screw us blind as to the cost because it’s Labor Day Weekend. FUCK!!!!!


NOTES FROM THE FUTURE: AND the Vacation Gods took one last hefty and fucking expensive shit on us for $5,000. Nearly 12 years later, we have still not fully financially recovered from that fucking summer.