Skipping Merrily Along The Highway To Hell

Only a couple more days and the campaigning is over and the recounts can begin.

Saw “Shark Tale” tonight with my sweetie honey Grace. Pretty funny flick, tho the previews for “Madagascar” looked better.

Weeded and pruned out about a quarter ton of stuff from my gardens yesterday. I still have at least that much to go.

I need to start looking for my 2005 calendar. but I’m not sure what subject matter I want pictured on it. This year was butterflies, last year was basset hounds…Hmmm…maybe for 2005 I’ll go for hot young honeys on Harleys. Any other suggestions, blogsters?

The Piano Has Been Drinking

Title courtesy of Tom Waits

I’d love to tell y’all that the past week has been filled with nonstop action and adventure here at Chez Cross, but the truth is that Grace and I have just been practicing being middle aged and working class. Also, the weather has been rainy and sucky, keeping us inside.

I read on GameSpy that Bethesda Softworks, producers of the totally rocking CRPG “The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind”, are working on a NEW CRPG titled “The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion”. The screenshots they had will knock yer eye out and the whol;e game is being designed with nextgen consoles and PCs in mind. The game should be out in 2005, so start saving up for that new computer or XBox2/PS3.

I’m trying to get back into writing, partly for some gaming related stuff and partly for personal projects. I’m going to set a very simple goal for myself…say 300 words each night after work, just to start with. Hopefully I’ll get into the writing habit enough to finish at least a few of the barely started works I have gathering dust on my computers.

Time to go. More blogblogblog later.

Dwarf Hamsters In A Creamy Orange Sauce

I Am Coyote
Coyote is a fun-loving goofball and that fits you to a T. Playfully silly, you appear somewhat bumbling at times, and your goofy exterior sometimes makes people forget what a quick mind and razor wit hides behind that amiable grin. In the mythos of the Plains tribes, Coyote is also a Creator, and stole fire as a gift for mankind. Your gift to the world is the creative fire of your quick, capable mind.

Which Trickster Are You?
Take the Trickster Test at

Finally, an LJ quiz that hits the nail right on the head, Docwise:)

Got Gen Con SoCal advert postcards today. Five of them. One each addressed Doc Cross, Cross Doc, Robert Cross, Grace Cross, Cross Grace. Good to know they are on the ball with their database:)

Two weeks left until the election and then, Sweet Lord Jesus, the FUCKING POLITICAL ADS will stop. Got some friggin’ full color pamphlet thing in the mail from the Republican Party featuring that slimeball actor/politician Arnie telling us how we should vote on the various propositions. Obviously, the Reeps think Grace and I only registered as a Green and a Democrat so that we could fake everyone out come November. Stupid fucks.

Stormy weather here in the Big Tomato. Trees blown over, flooded streets, traffic tie ups…gotta love it when the first storm of the season hits.

Time for some Puzzle Pirates before bed. More of this blog thing soon.

Ahoy, Maties, We’re Settin’ Sail Fer Mayhem And Fun!

Feeling MUCH better today, mostly because My Sweet Little Marsh Rabbit Of Cuteness let me sleep for almost 10 hours last night. Might not do much today, since I don’t want to risk a relapse, but at least I’m not sick while I’m loafing about:)

The air here in the Sacramento Valley has been filled with smoke to the point of blotting out the sun. This was caused by three wildfires, two in the Sierra Foothils and one in the Coastal Foothils. However, today is looking much clearer, so folks with respiratory problems can finally leave their homes.

Hmmm…I’m informed by She Who Must Be Obeyed that I have shopping to do. Looks like my day of rest is to be interrupted.

More Blog-O-Rama later.

Mrs. Wangdoodle And Her Flying Cat

Feeling somewhat better, but still only got about 3 hours of solid sleep this morning…most of the night was doze for 10 minutes/wake up coughing/doze/wake up/etc, etc…I’m going to work, but will try to get off early…Will be going to bed right after dinner tonight…hopefully, this sick period is almost over.

And The Scene Changes

Got to work and the Halfwitted Cunt wasn’t there…assistant manager took one look at me and said “you look like shit. Go home and get well”…told him thanx and came home…waiting for my morning caffiene to wear off so I can sleep…blinding sinus headache is assaulting me…daytime tv generally sucks…dog is glad to see me…drinking chamomile tea…more bloggage much later, after mony hours of sleep.

Take A Right At The Light, Then Straight On ‘Til Night

Let’s see…what to write…I know, I’ll bitch about being sick!

Claratin did exactly zip for me and the Sudafed I took managed to clear my nasal passages for about 3 hours, during which I got my only sleep last night. Oh yeah, today will be fun at work.

One thing about being awake most of the night…it let me watch some stuff I had stored on the PVR. Watched the first 7 episodes of “Judex”, a 1916 silent film serial featuring the worlds first caped crusader. He’s even got an underground hideout full of superscience stuff. It’s pretty good moviemaking for it’s time. The final 3 or 4 episodes show next Sunday night on Turner Classic Movies.

And now I must drag my miserably sick ass off to work.

More blogstuff soon.

The Great 500 Mile Party Race Of 1982

My allergies have now progressed to the point where not only is my nose clogged up much of the time, but my throat (which my doctor tells me is narrower than is usual for a man my size) is swollen and trying to shut off every so often. Just to much fun, I tell ya. I’m going to try taking Claratin to battle the allergy demons. Hopefully it will at least let me get some sleep. Never tried Claratin before, so we shall see.

BTW, the title of this bloggage refers to a real event that took place when I lived in San Jose. One group was trying to stop the party and the other was trying to stop them from stopping it.

A Kiss From An Angel

My damned Fall allergies hit yesterday. I’m not quite as miserable as I have been in past autumns, but I still feel like 5 pounds of shit in a 3 pound bag. Hopefully this will not segue into the flu, which seems to happen every 3 years or so. I’ll know in a couple of days.

Didn’t do much today except sit around being miserable. Well, ok, I played Puzzle Pirates and watched a couple of movies, but my poor wee garden got nary a look. Next weekend, I swear I’ll do right by it.

The Dancing Mice Go To Paris

Biggest news here at Castle Docenstein is that the battery on our car died yesterday. It was the original battery, 4+ years old, so it was overdue to crap out. However, even as I write this, Little CuRVy (the cars name) is at the dealers getting a battery transplant.

Our Kingdom Building Game seems to have the players just chock full of ideas, which is great. I’m glad they are enjoying it.

I’m thinking of looking for a gaming group here in the Sacramento area that I can join as a player. I’ve been thinking that part of my disillusionment with roleplaying might stem from being a GM 99.999% of the time these last 28 years. Now I just need to find a group that’s playing something I like.