Try It! It’s Dogerrific And Pupalicious!

Title inspired by how I try to get Roscoe to eat dog food. It seldom works.


A couple of requested rants.

The triumphant return of the Horticultural Whore.

The truth behind why I chose to run the Kingdom Sim game and what it holds for the future.

And just maybe the return of my Alarums & Excursions style Top Ten Lists.

Now tell me you aren’t just quivering with anticipation:)

Zen And The Art Of Chicken Tractors

So, Friday night I played in what hopefully be my first regular stint as a PLAYER in a roleplaying group since 1989. It was fun, the GM and other players were fine folks, the food was good (Thanks again, Anne!) AND…

…Mutants and Masterminds fucking rocks!!! Oh, my droogies, how the Good Doctor has had his eyes opened by the great writing and rules wrangling of Steve Kenson/Super Unicorn Design/Green Ronin. Finally, a superhero RPG that can wash the decades long foul taste of Champions from my mouth, then replace it with sweet rules simplicity goodness. I mean, ONE fruckin’ die is all you need! How cool is that? I mean, combat (which in Champions/HERO system moves at just slightly faster than a glacial pace) just flows along smooth as silk (and that’s even factoring in that it was the first time Pat had GMed M&M or any of us had played it). Truly, Green Ronin and company have their shit together. Now I’m REALLY anxious to buy the “Blue Rose” RPG, which will no doubt send my romantic fantasy reading wife into wild dances of joy.

And now, I must go prepare for my regular GMing session with my “Kingdom Building Sim” players.

Sweet Kisses From The Green Eyed Hottie

While I’m deciding if I want to post some sort of pre-birthday bloggage about becoming 51, here’s that meme that’s floating around…

1. Comment with any subject that you would like me to rant on, with possible swearing involved. Any subject – I don’t even have to agree with it. Also, I may rant in a positive sense.

2. Watch my journal for your rant.

3. Post this in your own journal, so that you may rant for others. (Completely optional)

Goodbye, Johnny

Johnny Carson died today. As someone who started watching the Tonight Show back when Jack Paar hosted it and stopped watching the night Johnny signed off, this news hit me like a gut full of buckshot.

So long, Johnny. You really were the king.

All Aboard The Funky Monkey Express

Took Roscoe to the vet today for some tests and booster shots. He has been drinking lots of water lately and that is often a sign of diabetes or kidney problems. The vet took blood samples, but we need to get a urine sample as well…looks like I’ll be holding the bottle for it, what with Roscoe lacking thumbs and all.

The old boy apparently has a heart murmur now, which surprised Grace and I since he has been pretty active lately. Still, we’ll keep an eye on him and get him on a diet. He won’t be thrilled with the diet, I’m sure.

In other news, Grace is taking Accounting and Statistics classes 4 nights a week. Her Statistics professor is, in her words, “the most boring person I’ve ever heard”. I told her she had my sympathies and she should drink a couple of cups of coffee before class to stay awake.

Finally, next Saturday will be my 51st birthday. Not sure how I feel about that, other than it beats the fuck outta being dead:) As far as celebrating goes, so far the wild festivities include going to a Home and Landscape show in the morning and going out for some sort of ethnic chow that night. Sure is different from the days when I celebrated my birtydays with sin and debauchery and various legal/controlled/illegal substances. Ah well…we get older and things change. Still, I’d like to get in at least one more barroom brawl before I’m too old:)

It’s Like Living One Life, Only Twice As Complicated And Half As Fun

The question (from a few decades ago) that prompted the title was: What’s it like, living two lives?

And now, reason #571 why I’m going to Hell when I die:)

The Scene: Doc is getting out of his car at a local shopping center and sees two young women handing out religious flyers and asking “Have you heard the word of God?”

Doc’s evil muse, Ed, drops a small tacnuke of inspiration on him. Doc gets back into the car and retrieve’s a leftover picture postcard from last summer’s Route 66 trip. He begins writing. When he’s done, he puts the postcard in his pocket and exits the car.

Young Lady (to Doc): “Hello sir! Have you heard the word of God?”

Doc replies: “Heard it? Hell, he sent me a postcard from his vacation! Just got it today.” Doc produces the postcard and hands it to her. “Here, take a look.”

The Young Lady, now confused, takes the card (from the Big Texan Steak House in Amarillo, Texas) and reads it. It says…

“Dear Doc, Grace & Roscoe,

Having a great time cruising down Route 66…Tried eating the 72 ounce steak here, but couldn’t do it…Should be in Albequerque tonight…will call you when I get to Barstow.

Love, God”

The Young Lady reads the card and is, as far as Doc can tell, rendered speechless and semi-paralyzed. Doc takes the card and says (as he heads inrto the nearby grocery store “That God’s a great guy, but he’d better spring for the beer this time.”

When Doc leaves the store a half hour later, the two Young Ladies are gone…no doubt to see if God sent them a postcard.