All Aboard The Funky Monkey Express

Took Roscoe to the vet today for some tests and booster shots. He has been drinking lots of water lately and that is often a sign of diabetes or kidney problems. The vet took blood samples, but we need to get a urine sample as well…looks like I’ll be holding the bottle for it, what with Roscoe lacking thumbs and all.

The old boy apparently has a heart murmur now, which surprised Grace and I since he has been pretty active lately. Still, we’ll keep an eye on him and get him on a diet. He won’t be thrilled with the diet, I’m sure.

In other news, Grace is taking Accounting and Statistics classes 4 nights a week. Her Statistics professor is, in her words, “the most boring person I’ve ever heard”. I told her she had my sympathies and she should drink a couple of cups of coffee before class to stay awake.

Finally, next Saturday will be my 51st birthday. Not sure how I feel about that, other than it beats the fuck outta being dead:) As far as celebrating goes, so far the wild festivities include going to a Home and Landscape show in the morning and going out for some sort of ethnic chow that night. Sure is different from the days when I celebrated my birtydays with sin and debauchery and various legal/controlled/illegal substances. Ah well…we get older and things change. Still, I’d like to get in at least one more barroom brawl before I’m too old:)

2 comments on “All Aboard The Funky Monkey Express

  1. unclelumpy says:

    Hey, you’re not old…
    You’re “Classic”!

  2. delazan says:

    Age and Dawgs
    “Forty is the old age of youth; Fifty is the youth of old age.” -French Proverb
    I hope Roscoe is okay. Last night, Brian was thinking about our cat Goober, who will celebrate her 16th birthday in less than two months. She’s had some health concerns (she is a breast cancer survivor who is currently battling a bowel disorder), but she’s still alive and kicking.
    Have a good birthday! Me? I don’t want to celebrate mine anymore.

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