Zen And The Art Of Chicken Tractors

So, Friday night I played in what hopefully be my first regular stint as a PLAYER in a roleplaying group since 1989. It was fun, the GM and other players were fine folks, the food was good (Thanks again, Anne!) AND…

…Mutants and Masterminds fucking rocks!!! Oh, my droogies, how the Good Doctor has had his eyes opened by the great writing and rules wrangling of Steve Kenson/Super Unicorn Design/Green Ronin. Finally, a superhero RPG that can wash the decades long foul taste of Champions from my mouth, then replace it with sweet rules simplicity goodness. I mean, ONE fruckin’ die is all you need! How cool is that? I mean, combat (which in Champions/HERO system moves at just slightly faster than a glacial pace) just flows along smooth as silk (and that’s even factoring in that it was the first time Pat had GMed M&M or any of us had played it). Truly, Green Ronin and company have their shit together. Now I’m REALLY anxious to buy the “Blue Rose” RPG, which will no doubt send my romantic fantasy reading wife into wild dances of joy.

And now, I must go prepare for my regular GMing session with my “Kingdom Building Sim” players.


5 comments on “Zen And The Art Of Chicken Tractors

  1. tashkal says:

    It’s that good? Some of my players have been making noises about playing Supers for the next campaign and I’ve been trying to find a system they can all agree on, with little success thus far.

    • Doc Cross says:

      Yeah, it really is that good. All the fun of creating and playing a superhero, but none of the minimaxing point squeezing all day rules slogging gotta use a scientific calculator balance this balance that take a shitload of useless disads slower than a motherfucker combat that is HERO. Your group should give M&M a try.

  2. unclelumpy says:

    Good for you! I wish I had such luck. Finding a good group of gamers in Vegas is like trying to find Samuel L. Jackson at a Klan rally.
    We’re trying to get a Star Wars game going, but the very night before our first ‘meet and greet’, our GM-to-be came down with PNEUMONIA! He’s getting better, fortunately, but still, one can’t help but get paranoid over crap like this!

    • Doc Cross says:

      Pneumonia? Damn! Worst we ever had in one of our gaming groups was we missed a session due to one player going into labor the night before game day. But we only missed the one session, cos she was back playing the next week.

  3. weaktwos says:

    You’re welcome! It was very cool to meet you! You can toss my elastic character across the city any day. ;-)

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