Dr. Roscoe, The Napoleon Of Canine Crime

Don’t let those hound dog eyes fool you.

Ack! Yet another meme that I was powerless to resist. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Ten Things I Haven’t Done
…but people I know have.

1: Been a professional rodeo clown
2: Gotten drunk with Merle Haggard
3: Been a bingo caller
4: Been a professional nanny
5: Told then Governor Ronald Regean to kiss my ass
6: Walked (NOT hiked) from Seattle to San Diego
7: Been a professional dominatrix
8: Illegaly taken a baby gator from the Everglades, then returned it 15 years later when it was 7 feet long
9: Delivered all my own children (I have no children I’m aware of.)
10: Been chased out of my own house by a pissed off rabbit

The Girl With The Green Nipples

Winter Curryfest 2005 went deliciously well, even tho I did a last minute switch from beef to pork. We made about 2 gallons of curry and then ate us a most wonderful meal. Indeed, so yummy was it, we shall repeat it for lunch today. Then will come the freezing for future meals.

In addition to the curry lunch, today will also be a Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie and Peach Ice Cream day…mostly because it is the final gaming session for our group.

I’m PVRing the Oscars tonight, mostly so I can fast forward thru the bulk of the telecast and avoid all the boring parts.

Yesterday went well, despite my getting no writing and very little gardening done. Hopefully today the weather will give me enough time to at least plant my daylilies.

The Secret War Between Chickens And Ducks


Well, it’s looking to be another busy weekend here on Planet Cross. Tomorrow Grace and I will cart Roscoe off to Launderdog for a much overdue bath, then return home for studying/homework (Grace), gardening (Me) and napping (Roscoe). A bit later in the day, it will be time for Winter Curryfest 2005. My friend Sharon will help me in the preparation of a big batch of beef curry, one that shall not only delight us for dinner, but be frozen up in batches to be eaten over the next few months (until Summer Curryfest 2005). Then, stuffed full of curried goodness, I’ll attempt to spend the rest of the evening working on several writing projects.

Sunday is both the final game in our Kingdom Building Sim AND the final game for our group in it’s present form. No other gaming is planned for us until September or October. Even then, we might be doing our gaming using some sort of online RPG interface. still not sure how that would work.

Sunday afternoon will see more gardening and writing on my part, depending upon the weather and how much of a desire I have to watch the Oscars.

Ya know…weekends just pass by too damned fast.

Hey, I’ve Got Yer Meme Right Here, Punk!


Ok, so I didn’t put down any of the REALLY wild or illegal shit. So sue me.

1: Have made love on the slope of an erupting volcano

2: Seen a real live Blue Whale from less than 20 feet away

3: Pissed from both the Golden Gate Bridge and the edge of the Grand Canyon in the same 24 hour period

4: Gone just over 200 miles per hour in a car on Interstate 5 in Central California

5: Eaten dog, cat, monkey, flying fox, rice rat, snake, alligator, porcupine, opossum, raccoon, bear, iguana, meal worms, crickets, snapping turtle, California Grey Whale (semi-legally), moose, grasshoppers and ants.

6: Made love to a woman while on board the aircraft carrier Enterprise.

7: Had Clint Eastwood serve drinks to my first wife and I at the Hogs Breath Inn.

8: Raised two grey fox pups from about one week old to about 6 months old, then released them into the wild.

9: Driven a California Highway Patrol cruiser at 90 miles per hour while racing another CHP cruiser.

10: Put my arm up to the shoulder in a cow’s birth canal to help a calf be born.

The Legendary Scottish Frog Impersonation

I’ll explain that in a moment, but first…

I read this morning that Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. This actually didn’t surprise me, since I always figured he’s either commit suicide or be murdered. Still, the world is a little worse for him being gone. Like Johnny Carson, he was one of a kind and his imitators are mere pale shadows of him. Rest in peace, Dr. T. Someday I’ll piss on Nixon’s grave in your honor.

So, what did I do at DunDraCon? Well…

…I ran a pretty rollicking TOON game.

…I bought $18.00 worth of dice, which brings my number of dice up to…oh, I dunno…a GAZILLION!

…I did my first ever imitation of a frog with a Scottish accent (at the behest of the Saturday night Mutants & Masterminds group)

…I played in two Mutants & Masterminds sessions. The Sunday night session included Steve Kenson, tha bloke what wrote it.

…I bought exactly ONE game, Settlers of Catan. This not only bears witness to my pickyness in the game buying arena, but also to the fact that the “buyers bazaar” (AKA flee market) sucked AND that the game industry is still not focussing on the important “curmudgeonly middle aged free range celtic white boy” audience.

…I watched a live action version of the “Cutie Honey” anime movie. It was not the most totally mindfuckingly goofy movie I’ve ever seen, but it tried like hell.

…I sampled “Willy Nelson’s Old Whiskey River” brand whiskey. It kinda sucked. I’ll stick with Jack, thanks.

…I saw a guy with the longest hair I’ve ever seen on a human being. It was, maybe, 2 inched above his ankles.

And now, Dear Reader, I am off to eat chinese food with my Sweet Little Green Singing Finch Of Sweetness.

Geek Weekend Dead Ahead

Hmmm…must be Dundracon time:)

Well, I’m staying up a bit later than usual tonight so I can get most of my con preparations done, thus allowing a bit of late sleeping tomorrow before leaving to pick up my friend, Arn, and heading off to the wilds of the East Bay Area. This will be something like my 20th Dundracon and the 16th TOON game in a row that I’ve run at the con. It will be good to geek out for a bit.

The only downside is that My Sweet Little Chocolate Chip Cookie With Macadamia Nuts Of Cuteness will not be going to the con with me. Alas, she needs the weekend to study. Still, I shall call her often and bring her many gifts when I come home on Monday.

I’ll be computerless while at the con, so you’ll have to wait until Monday for my con report.

For those of you who are going to the con: See ya there!

Tha New Big Dawg In The Hood

Is, in fact, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Damn, I love watching the Westmindter Dog Show…even when both Roscoe and I are disappointed that the noble Basset Hound gets passed over yet again.

In other news, if yer gonna be at DunDraCon this weekend, look me up. I’ll be running my usual 8:00 pm TOOn game on Friday, then roaming the con all weekend. Plying me with strong drink will get you many stories of my Wild & Misspent Youth:) Or my opinion on the gaming hobby/industry. Your choice:)

By the way, there are many spinach and latteuce sprouts in my garden bed. Soon, there will be much good eating in stately Cross Manor.