Santo, The Blue Demon & Roscoe VS The Cat Women From Venus

What can I say, Roscoe is a big fan of Masked Mexican Wrestler Movies.

My morning began with a journey to Denio’s Farmer’s Market and Auction in Roseville, where bought half pound batches of Oolong and Assam tea from the lady who runs the herbal shop there. I’ve been buying tea, spices and herbs from her for…good lord a’mighty…28 years now. Her prices are good, the selection of spices & herbs is great and her selection of teas is pretty damned good. She is the only person I buy my yerba mate tea from, cos it’s just downright delicious.

Now, having fortified myself with a nuclear strength mug of Oolong, I’m on my way to do many garden chores before repairing Grace’s little folding cart (which she uses daily to haul all of her stuff from here to work and back. After that…It’s Chef Doc prepares Docburgers for Dinner time!

Such is my life, now that I’m fully domesticated, civilized and suburbanized:)

Yeah, right:)


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