The Girl With The Green Nipples

Winter Curryfest 2005 went deliciously well, even tho I did a last minute switch from beef to pork. We made about 2 gallons of curry and then ate us a most wonderful meal. Indeed, so yummy was it, we shall repeat it for lunch today. Then will come the freezing for future meals.

In addition to the curry lunch, today will also be a Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie and Peach Ice Cream day…mostly because it is the final gaming session for our group.

I’m PVRing the Oscars tonight, mostly so I can fast forward thru the bulk of the telecast and avoid all the boring parts.

Yesterday went well, despite my getting no writing and very little gardening done. Hopefully today the weather will give me enough time to at least plant my daylilies.

Author: Doc Cross

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