Water Go Down The Hole!

Quote courtesy of Baby Plucky Duck on “Tiny Toon Adventures”

Holy shit! Just as few minutes ago the sky just opened up and dumped more rain in about 10 minutes than I’ve ever seen…even when I was in the tropics. Knocked out the power to everyone except us, looks like. And HAIL fell…a bunch of it. Hope it doesn’t damage my spinach and lettuce.

Roscoe got up outta bed in the middle of all that and wanted to go out and pee. I opened the front door for him (he was on a 16 foot leash) and he looked at the Weather From Hell and then gave me a “You have GOT to be shitting me” look…and then he peed on the porch. Which is what I would have done in his place.

Oh yeah, summer and the dry heat just can’t come fast enough for me.


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