The Kitty Cats Hold Up a Liquor Store

...those rascally kitties! FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!! I didn't mention it before now, lest I jinx the whole affair, but the halfwitted cunt who has managed the place I work at for the last 3 years is GONE!!! When the store transferred from corporate to franchise, she decided not to stay. Friday was her last day and you … Continue reading The Kitty Cats Hold Up a Liquor Store

Ducks And Stuff On My Mind Again

...and I can't even explain the title until after things get published:) Today was Summer Curryfest 2005 here at the House of Cross. I (with the help of my able assistants Grace and Sharon) made about 14 quarts of Smoked Pork Curry. It was fuckin' delish, with the smoked pork (which I smoked this morning … Continue reading Ducks And Stuff On My Mind Again

Paradox Lost

:) So, recently California has had a few reasonably strong earthquakes and now the various media are wondering what it all means. They also keep saying "Californians are concerned about this new flurry of quakes". Ok, I'm gonna clue everyone in on something: First, these recent quakes don't mean shit because California has HUNDREDS of … Continue reading Paradox Lost