Paradox Lost


So, recently California has had a few reasonably strong earthquakes and now the various media are wondering what it all means. They also keep saying “Californians are concerned about this new flurry of quakes”. Ok, I’m gonna clue everyone in on something: First, these recent quakes don’t mean shit because California has HUNDREDS of earthquakes a day, most too small to feel. Secondly, no REAL Californian is “concerned” about these quakes. We take earthquakes in stride the way my friends in New England take snowy winters in stride. It’s just how things go. The only people who are worrying about a few 6.9 shakes are motherfuckers who moved here from somewhere else.

Still, better to read about earthquakes than Michael “Short Eyes” Jackson or that goofy fucking bitch who ran away from her wedding.

2 comments on “Paradox Lost

  1. unclelumpy says:

    And I’d rather hear more news about the Downing Street Memo than anything else.

  2. doc_mystery says:

    I used to think that the mass media were morons.
    It’s since dawned on me that they think we are, from all the crap and corruption they offer up as ‘news’.

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