Making Love In The Treehouse Of Doom

…it’s a long story:)


1: My nephew Christopher is home and no longer a part of the U.S. Army. This is a very good thing. He’s spending some time relaxing at his parent’s house, then will go look for a job. He told my that I was right, that he should have stayed far away from the military. I told him “welcome to the club”.

2: The garden is looking BEEEEEYOOOOOTEEEFULL! Pink dwarf cannas, 7-8 kinds of coreopsis, zinnias, daylilies…Big Daddy gots ’em all, baby! My tomatos are off to a slow start, mostly due to the off and on warm weather. Ditto the green beans, tho they are picking up steam and should soon be inundating us with their gardeny goodness. And the cantalopes…sweet Jesus on a plate, there are maybe 20 of then in the very early stages of development. Don’t even ask about the zucchini.

3: The writing project is humming along. I’m slightly less than 25% thru it and it is looking pretty good.

4: Money is very tight just now, but Grace and I hope to be seeing “Batman Begins” in a couple of days.

5: I’m doing some preliminary work on my “Kingdom Building Sim/RPG version 2.0”, which my gaming group will start playing in September. It will be mostly run online, since one of our group is moving 90 miles away. I may even expand the group to include a couple of my out of state friends.

In this version, the game is played “one player = one kingdom” and anything goes. Since the whole thing is set amidst the “100 Islands of the Lost Sea”, one assumes that shipbuilding will be important:) Since the 100 Islands span an area from the sub arctic to the tropics, resources and cultures will be diverse. Better yet, as GM I’ll get to play a few cultures that the PC’s won’t know about until they discover them:) The whole thing should be great fun. Still not sure if I’ll make magic part of the deal.

6: I NEED A VACATION!!! However, due to the current fiscal state of Doc & Grace Inc., our next vacation will be our trip to GenCon SoCal in November. *SIGH*

Th-th-th-that’s all for now, folks!


One comment on “Making Love In The Treehouse Of Doom

  1. unclelumpy says:

    So it’s confirmed? You’ll be at GenCon SoCal?
    Because I have to tell you, the knowledge that you, yourself (and of course your kind, loving, understanding CO) will be there is about the only thing that would get me to go down there again!

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