Ducks And Stuff On My Mind Again

…and I can’t even explain the title until after things get published:)

Today was Summer Curryfest 2005 here at the House of Cross. I (with the help of my able assistants Grace and Sharon) made about 14 quarts of Smoked Pork Curry. It was fuckin’ delish, with the smoked pork (which I smoked this morning on the good old Weber kettle barbecue) adding a really great flavor note to the whole thing. Besides the pork, there was tofu…3 kinds of mushrooms…zucchini…baby corn…bamboo shoots…red and green bell peppers…garlic…pineapple…green beans and onion. Even after Sharon took home her portion of it, Grace and I still have enough to freeze for 6-8 future meals.

On the writing front, I’m 25% of the way thru my paid writing gig. I expect to add another couple of thosand words tomorrow after I do my gardening thing in the morning.

Speaking of writing, I’m partway into a zine for the 30th anniversary issue of Alarums & Excursions. Hopefully enough former A&Eers will return so that it will be a nice fat issue.

Time to get back to writing…more bloggage soon.

2 comments on “Ducks And Stuff On My Mind Again

  1. doc_mystery says:

    My stomach is happily growling at reading about your culinary accomplishments. I hope your own tummy is feeling better, too.
    P.S. that reminds me, I need to work on my next A&E write-up…

    • Doc Cross says:

      My tummy is indeed feeling better. Might be the Nexium, but I’m eating about like I did before the trouble. I have cut WAY back on soda. The blood tests the doc did came back normal and the G.I. series was ok, too. Still need to have my gallbladder sonogram, but I’ll bet that is ok, too.
      As for A&E zines, I’m about 25% done with one that’ll be in issue #360.

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