The Parrot Gang Is On The Loose!

…and they’re armed and dangerous

It was just pointed out to me that the 30th anniversary issue of ALARUMS & EXCURSIONS will be happening in a month or so. If you are an old contributor who has strayed from the path (Nicole, Chris, Robin, Bruce, Me), you might want to dash off a short zine and send it to Lee.

And if you’ve been a silent subscriber to A&E, then now is a good time to get your feet wet in the whole zine thing.

Either way, you’ll be part of a piece of roleplaying history.


War Of The Squirrels

…coming soon to a theater near you:)

The Garden Giveth And The Doctor Taketh Away

Dinner tonight at Chez Cross consisted of zucchini, green beans, tomatoes & mushrooms sauteed with basil, oregano and garlic. This was served alongside angel hair pasta with an alfredo sauce that had been kicked up a notch with ham. It was most delish…AND the basil, oregano, garlic, green beans and zucchini were all fresh from the garden that passes as our front yard! Soon, there will be tomatos from that same garden…as well as peppers and cantaloupes. We’ve had a few strawberries, too. Life is good and tasty:)

Doc Sees The Doc

In Doc related health news, I saw my doctor on Friday and he is gonna set me up for an ultrasound on my gallbladder and an upper & lower G.I. series. I can hardly wait for the barium cocktails. In the meantime, he prescribed Nexium for my uncooperative tummy. I’m feeling better, but I’ll sure as hell be glad when we get all this sorted out.

More bloggage later

The Karmic Wheel Is Parked On My Foot

…or maybe my abdomen.

I’m feeling seriously mean and sick just now. Sick in that my stomach has been filled with a burning pain all day…after a couple of weeks of just feeling mild nausea most of my waking hours (which I still do). Feeling mean because I haven’t been able to work on my writing job in nearly 3 weeks…first due to Roscoe getting sick and dying, then due to my intestinal discomfort. Fuckfuckfuck!

I’ve got an appointment to see my doctor on Friday morning. Hopefully he can figure out what’s wrong with me (Grace thinks it’s either an ulcer or an irritable colon) and then fix it.