Attack Of The Hippies & Geeks

…at least it was a non-violent attack:)
This is pretty spot on…

I am 10% Geek.
I wish I was a Geek. But alas I am not. Damn.

I wanna be a geek. But I’m not. Why would I even want to be one. Do I think it’s fun? I should try writting an online test application at 1 am in my underwear

This is pretty close…

I am 47% Hippie.
Wanna Be Hippie!

I need to step away from the tie-dye. I smell too good to be a hippie and my dad is probably a cop. Being a hippie is not a fashion craze, man. It was a way of life, in the 60’s, man.

Squid Paste In A Tube

…revolting, yet convenient.

Update on the Update

Yesterday was a fairly productive, yet mellow, day. It involved…

Writing: Knocked off just shy of 2,000 words. More writing today.

Eating: Did very well on the eating front. Nice healthy meals.

Walking: Walked almost exactly one mile in the heat of the day. I’ll be trying for a mile and a half today.

Cooking: The catfish turned out yummy, tho a bit too subtle in the spicyness department. The zuchinni came out very tasty.

Thinking: I did a bit of work on the Kingdom Building Sim. Today, AFTER the Pro writing, I’ll do more. I’ve already got 2 of the 6 maps finished, thanks to Campaign Cartographer Pro.

And now it’s time to water the garden and then jump back on the writing chain gang.

A Big Bowl Of Fun

…that’s me!

Doc Update

Reading: Alarums & Excursions #360
Writing: The final few thousand words of the Pro Writing Job
Watching: Designing For The Sexes
Playing: Runescape
Eating: Stuff with less fat and less salt…in lesser quantities
Walking: At least a mile per day
Cooking: Catfish with fresh herbs, zuchinni parmesan, green salad (tonight)
Listening: A mix of The Ramones done for me by my friend Sally
Thinking: About the new Kingdom Building Sim that starts next month
Debating: Transpanting a shitload of herbs
Preparing: To plant Fall veggies
Drinking: Water

Werewolves Of Fresno


In Which The Good Doctor Gets Angry And a Bit Scared

I went to see my doctor today and in the process of having the nurse take my pulse and such, found out that my blood pressure has been on the rise these last few months. I was floored by the news, since my blood pressure/heart/cholesterol/etc have always been spot on normal. After thinking on it for a few minutes, I got a bit scared (the whole mortality thing) and then angry. No fucking way am I gonna have high blood pressure and that sort of shit.

So anyway, starting tonight, the eating habits are changing and the excersie begins. It’s time I lost some of this extra tonnage and got in better shape. If My Sweet Little Coreopsis Of Cuteness can drop 20+ pounds and counting in order to fight her diabetes, I can sure as hell do it to get my internal workings back to where the ought to be. Fucking high blood pressure indeed!

Grace Does LJ

…well, she has an account:)

Yes, My Sweet Little Sauteed Duck Breast With A Port Wine Reduction Of Love has finally taken the plunge and gotten an LJ account. I don’t think she has posted anything yet, but feel free to go visit _lythande and say hello.

There Were Flowers In Her Hair And The Ocean In Her Eyes

…and then time stopped.

Blog Fodder

Got the latest issue of Alarums & Excursions today…issue #360, the 30th anniversary ish. I was actually kind of thrilled to see my name and zine back in A&E after all of these years. I reckon I’ll have to contribute for a few months or so.

My cantalopes have started to ripen, which means I’ll be picking one or two every day for awhile. Picked two tonight after I got home and I ate one for dinner. Exceptionally sweet and yummy. we also picked the first of our heirloom tomatos, a Cherokee Purple, and it was delish.

Picked up Dork Tower #31 today and it was excellent, as always. Oh, curse that Kovalic and his cartooning talent, anyway:)

Due to our Adventures In Poverty, Grace and I are falling way behind on our movie viewing. I fear we will not see “War of the Worlds” or “Fantastic Four” until they hit Pay Per View. We’ll try to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” soon, but we may have to waste our money on food or bills or other frivolities.

Hey, all of you who will be going to GenCon next month, I expect to see lots of daily con reportage here on LJ. And post pictures if you can.

Bedtime calls, so more blogging tomorrow.

The Ten Blue Budgies Go To Vegas

…and they hit the crap tables hard!

Doc’s Big Adventure

Well, ok, it wasn’t a big adventure, but my trip to the Home & Garden show was fun. Grace and Sharon both decided not to go, so I was on my own. Fortunately, I didn’t have any money, so I was able to put temptation behind me. Saw some pretty interesting stuff, despite about half of the booths having little or nothing to do with home remodeling or gardening. The neatest thing was a pondless waterfall, which the company who designs them touted as being “revolutionary”. Perhaps, but it took me about 2 minutes to figure out how the built it, so now I could make one myself at a fraction of their price.

The highlight of the show was getting to go to the hour long Q&A session that Paul James, the Gardener Guy from HGTV’s “Gardening By The Yard”. He’s just as personable, informative and entertaining live as he is on the show. Afterwards, he autographed pictures and chatted with those of us who got them. All in all, a really nice guy and a really good speaker.

Once I got home, I puttered in the garden for a bit, but not for too long as it was 101 degrees and I needed to get inside and do some writing…which I did not get done. Instead, I’m tanking up on tea as I write this and I’ll no doubt be writing like crazy at 3:00 in the morning:)

And now, less blogging, more tea.

Doc Tempest And The Electric Doom

…title of the January 1938 issue

Weekend Plans

Well, right now the only plan I’m working on is polishing off this beer:) However, the rest of the weekend will require a bit more movement, money and moving about:)

Tomorrow, Grace and I and our friend Sharon will go to the Sacramento Convention Center to a Home & Garden show. Paul James, from HGTVs “Gardening By The Yard” is scheduled to be there all weekend, so we are mostly going to hear him speak on various gardening topics. The rest of my Saturday will find me writing, in hopes of finishing the Pro Writing Job.

Sunday, I’ll be going to Roseville to buy tea and some spices. After that, it’s off to the movies for My Sweet Little Chile Relleno Of Love and I. Not sure which flick we’ll see. After the movies, it’s either gardening or writing for me.

In other news, a couple of tomatillo plants I started from seeds thrown onto a bare spot of soil are producing loads of tomatillos. Yum Yum! It’ll be salsa time this weekend:) My tomatos are still taking their own sweet time ripening, except for the cherry tomatos, which are going nuts.

Speaking of tomatos, one of the plants I bought this year was a “Currant Tomato”. It is a very small, delicate looking plant that has produced a buttload of teensy tiny tomatos about half the size of a marble. Problem is, they aren’t very tasty and the skin on them is a bit too thick. Oh well, yet another valuable gardening lesson learned.

Doc Tempest And The Power Of Love

…title of the October, 1969 issue


1: Grace and I are waiting patiently for the call/email from our local library telling us they have our reserved copy of the new Harry Potter book. We love the series, but shelling out the money for the hardcover version is not in our financial plan.

2: The Pro Writing Job is in a lull, mostly because most weekdays after I get home from work,I’m too tired to write. Still, I’m a mere 7,000 words from being done, so the end is near.

3: Still haven’t seen “Fantastic Four” or “War of the Worlds”. Maybe this weekend.

4: My Sweet Little Cheese Enchilada Of Passion will be celebrating her 47th birthday in about 3 weeks. I’m thinking of taking her to The City (that’s San Francisco for you non-Northern Californians) for a weekend of eating too much food and wandering around too many used book stores. She’d love that.

5: My tomatos are ripening at a glacial pace this year. Oh, how they taunt me with their veiled hints of future tomatoey heirloom goodness!

6: I am seriously missing my vacation this year. I love driving across the country and seeing my friends at cons. Curse this monetary drought that Grace and I are in! We MIGHT be able to drive to Origins next year, but between now and then I’ve got to wait fot GenCon SoCal in November. By the way, are any of you thinking of attending that con?

Time for watering the garden, then heading to work. More blogging later.

Doc Tempest VS The Belles Of Hell

…title of the May, 1958 issue

Doc’s Imagination Runs Wild…Millions Left Homeless

So I’m driving to a doctor appointment yesterday and a whole series of little things (thinking about the new Harry Potter book I have not read yet, gaming ideas popping into my head, the theme for “Have Gun…Will Travel” playing on the radio)cause me to get this idea…

…What if Harry Potter had been born 150 years earlier in the United States? What if his big battle with Voldemort had left him more cynical and maybe a bit more violence prone? You might get him handing out business cards that said:

Have Wand Will Travel

Wire Potter
Hotel Carleton, San Francisco

I can just see Harry…dressed in black and looking world weary…quoting Shakespeare…helping the underdog for a reasonable fee…blasting the crap out of the bad guys when need be. Ahhh.

But wait, you say! What about Ron, Hermione and the rest? Well, kids, I’ve got that covered, too…

The Wild Wild Wizarding West

Secret Service Agents Potter, Weasley and Granger battle a host of steampunk villains (including the diminutive Draco Loveless) who want to wreck havoc on the United States in the 1880’s.

Yeah, I’ve got me just TOO much imagination.

The Horticultural Whore Meets His Match


Ok, Mr. Sun, you win. You’ve sunscalded the shit out of half my pepper crop, you’ve probably doomed half a dozen of my heirloom tomatoes and you are pretty much frying my green bean vines as we speak. I water every day, but then you suck that water out of the ground. I’ve mulched, but you just jack the temperature up. You win. Of course, you did have help from your buddy, Mr. Cooler Than Ordinary Spring/Early Summer. And bringing in that late season rain was a low blow. Still, you’ve beaten me.

Except for the cantalopes, motherfucker! HAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahaha!!!

Utah, U Came, U Conquered

…yes, that was just plain wrong:)

Quick Doc Update

Eating: Smoked Pork Curry
Watching: “Isaac’s Storm” on the History Channel
Drinking: Oolong Tea
Writing: 1,100 words today on the Pro Writing Job, with more coming
Gardening: Not really…it’s 108 out.
Reading: Books on building retaining walls on a steep hillside
Flirting: With My Sweet Little Root Beer Float Of Cuteness
Thinking: About what to do with 5 giant zuchinnis I picked today.
Wearing: A kilt…just a kilt.
Listening: To old Michael Nesmith albums while I write.

Slippery When Wet, Slipperier When Dry

…you betcha!

Our power was restored at 5:30 this morning, which meant we were awake at 5:31 due to all of the lights, fans, television and other stuff suddenly coming on. It’s good to have the AC back on, since it was at least 105 today.

Dancin’ In The Dark

…ok, so we’re not dancin’

So about 7:30 tonight a transformer on a power pole blows and out goes the power to Casa Cross and about 6 other houses. I call up the power company and their robotic voice tells me the power outage will probably be fixed by 12:00…tomorrow afternoon! Bloody fucking hell!

Now, the house was chilled down to about 75 degrees, so Grace and I left the premises (so as to not raise the temp too much) and went to the nice cool Barnes and Noble bookstore for a couple of hours.

It is now after 11:00 and the house is maybe 85 degrees. Outside is maybe 92. When the two temps equalize, we’ll open the windows and try to sleep. It’s supposed to hit a low of 70 tonight, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. Of course, all our food in the fridge may be fucked before power is restored, but we’ll see.

Until tomorrow, I remain darkly and sweatily,

Your Humble Narrator

Bring On The Skateboarding Zebras

…and watch yer ass, Tony Hawk.

It’s getting pretty warm out here in the Big Tomato. I heard it was 106 today and it felt like it. Still, it beats the hell outta the 120 or so it was in Death Valley. And all of it beats the fuck outta COLD weather.

Grace and I have plans to see “Fantastic Four” this weekend at the bargain matinee. I’ll be lowering my expectations so as not to be too upset by any suckitude the film has. Next weekend, we will go see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Gotta love that Johnny Depp.

Speaking of next weekend, we’ll be going to a Home and Garden show on Saturday the 23rd. Now, I normally only go to such shows every 2-3 years, but this year one of the celebrities is going to be Paul James of HGTVs “Gardening By The Yard”. What Alton Brown is to cooking, Paul James is to gardening. I’m hoping I can get my picture taken with him. Now if Alton Brown would just come to Sacramento…

And now I must do laundry. More bloggage soon.

The Rare Man Eating Oysters Of Potawango Island

…not to be confused with the Mexican Staring Frog of Sri Lanka.

To sleep, perchance to dream of chicken nuggets…

My hopes of doing some writing after work last night were scuttled by the fact that I was dog tired when I got home. I watched some tv and chatted with My Sweet Little Apricot Tartlet of Passion, but by 10:00 I was headed for bed. Oh, my brothers & sisters, how I’d like to tell you I slept right thru the night, but that would be a lie. In fact, I woke up from screwy dreams every 90 minutes or so. In one dream, these two idiot teenagers had spilled about 50 pounds of uncooked chicken nuggets all over my kitchen. All of their efforts to clean things up went wrong and I was getting seriously pissed off. After awakening from that dream I fell back to sleep and dreamed of cars that changed shape, walking in a jungle and being in a heated gun battle in the Dealers Room at GenCon in Milwaukee. I finally woke up about a minute before the alarm went off.

Gotta get ready for work now. Be bloggin’ at ya later.

Going To The Mouse Rodeo

…them mice can bust some broncs!

As predicted, yesterday evening I passed the 50% mark on my Pro Writing Job. At my current less than totally dedicated pace, I’ll be done with this puppy by the middle of next week. Add in another day or two for literary polishing and it’s off to El Editor on the 22nd. Then I can turn my attentions to the Kingdom Building Game Version 2.0 and the fiction project a friend and I are taking our own sweet time starting. And then there’s maybe a few A&E zines to write…and comic strip scripts to write (no, really Uncle Lumpy)…and maybe a sequel to the Pro Writing Job. Hoo boy, am I a writing fool or what?

In the gardening arena, there is always much to do. Next month will be planting time for the fall spinach crop. Might plant a bit of lettuce, too. I’ll definitely be planting 6-8 types of garlic for harvesting next June/July. Most other cold season crops are lost on Grace and I, since we don’t eat them. I may plant some assorted berry vines. My mom has plenty of red raspberry vines to share and I’d like some blackberries, too. Still on the fence about blueberries, altho I’m told there are some varieties that do well here. Of course, all of this berry madness will be dependent upon me finishing the terraced hillside in this century:)

Called my good friend Spike Y Jones last night and got a report on this years Origins. Apparently, GAMA is not only trying to make the Origins Awards fade away to nothingness, but they are also continuing their long history of clusterfucks when it comes to running the convention. And then they wonder why people aren’t renewing memberships. Can you say clueless?

Ok, time for me to be off to earn some simoleons. More bloggishness later.

Pleasant Screams

…don’t let the undead bedbugs bite:)

Well, I’m not drunk tonight. I’m up late because I was polishing off another thousand words of the Pro Writing Job. That gives me a total today of about 2,700 words. Would have done more, but got a late start due to hung overedness and then later worked in the garden. Still, I’m just a tiny bit short of being halfway done with the whole shebang. I’m at a point where the words, they flow like water from the fountain of my mind. With any luck and some of my woefully lacking discipline, I’ll finish this thing in a couple of weeks, then go back and polish it up before submitting it to the cold clutching talons of my editor.

And now I’m off to sleep like a baby…a fat old curmudgeonly baby. But I’ll leave you, Dear Reader, with the lyrics to one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
by Bob Dylan

The festival was over, the boys were all plannin’ for a fall,
The cabaret was quiet except for the drillin’ in the wall.
The curfew had been lifted and the gamblin’ wheel shut down,
Anyone with any sense had already left town.
He was standin’ in the doorway lookin’ like the Jack of Hearts.

He moved across the mirrored room, “Set it up for everyone,” he said,
Then everyone commenced to do what they were doin’ before he turned their heads.
Then he walked up to a stranger and he asked him with a grin,
“Could you kindly tell me, friend, what time the show begins?”
Then he moved into the corner, face down like the Jack of Hearts.

Backstage the girls were playin’ five-card stud by the stairs,
Lily had two queens, she was hopin’ for a third to match her pair.
Outside the streets were fillin’ up, the window was open wide,
A gentle breeze was blowin’, you could feel it from inside.
Lily called another bet and drew up the Jack of Hearts.

Big Jim was no one’s fool, he owned the town’s only diamond mine,
He made his usual entrance lookin’ so dandy and so fine.
With his bodyguards and silver cane and every hair in place,
He took whatever he wanted to and he laid it all to waste.
But his bodyguards and silver cane were no match for the Jack of Hearts.

Rosemary combed her hair and took a carriage into town,
She slipped in through the side door lookin’ like a queen without a crown.
She fluttered her false eyelashes and whispered in his ear,
“Sorry, darlin’, that I’m late,” but he didn’t seem to hear.
He was starin’ into space over at the Jack of Hearts.

“I know I’ve seen that face before,” Big Jim was thinkin’ to himself,
“Maybe down in Mexico or a picture up on somebody’s shelf.”
But then the crowd began to stamp their feet and the house lights did dim
And in the darkness of the room there was only Jim and him,
Starin’ at the butterfly who just drew the Jack of Hearts.

Lily was a princess, she was fair-skinned and precious as a child,
She did whatever she had to do, she had that certain flash every time she smiled.
She’d come away from a broken home, had lots of strange affairs
With men in every walk of life which took her everywhere.
But she’d never met anyone quite like the Jack of Hearts.

The hangin’ judge came in unnoticed and was being wined and dined,
The drillin’ in the wall kept up but no one seemed to pay it any mind.
It was known all around that Lily had Jim’s ring
And nothing would ever come between Lily and the king.
No, nothin’ ever would except maybe the Jack of Hearts.

Rosemary started drinkin’ hard and seein’ her reflection in the knife,
She was tired of the attention, tired of playin’ the role of Big Jim’s wife.
She had done a lot of bad things, even once tried suicide,
Was lookin’ to do just one good deed before she died.
She was gazin’ to the future, riding on the Jack of Hearts.

Lily washed her face, took her dress off and buried it away.
“Has your luck run out?” she laughed at him, “Well, I guess you must
have known it would someday.
Be careful not to touch the wall, there’s a brand-new coat of paint,
I’m glad to see you’re still alive, you’re lookin’ like a saint.”
Down the hallway footsteps were comin’ for the Jack of Hearts.

The backstage manager was pacing all around by his chair.
“There’s something funny going on,” he said, “I can just feel it in the air.”
He went to get the hangin’ judge, but the hangin’ judge was drunk,
As the leading actor hurried by in the costume of a monk.
There was no actor anywhere better than the Jack of Hearts.

Lily’s arms were locked around the man that she dearly loved to touch,
She forgot all about the man she couldn’t stand who hounded her so much.
“I’ve missed you so,” she said to him, and he felt she was sincere,
But just beyond the door he felt jealousy and fear.
Just another night in the life of the Jack of Hearts.

No one knew the circumstance but they say that it happened pretty quick,
The door to the dressing room burst open and a cold revolver clicked.
And Big Jim was standin’ there, ya couldn’t say surprised,
Rosemary right beside him, steady in her eyes.
She was with Big Jim but she was leanin’ to the Jack of Hearts.

Two doors down the boys finally made it through the wall
And cleaned out the bank safe, it’s said that they got off with quite a haul.
In the darkness by the riverbed they waited on the ground
For one more member who had business back in town.
But they couldn’t go no further without the Jack of Hearts.

The next day was hangin’ day, the sky was overcast and black,
Big Jim lay covered up, killed by a penknife in the back.
And Rosemary on the gallows, she didn’t even blink,
The hangin’ judge was sober, he hadn’t had a drink.
The only person on the scene missin’ was the Jack of Hearts.

The cabaret was empty now, a sign said, “Closed for repair,”
Lily had already taken all of the dye out of her hair.
She was thinkin’ ’bout her father, who she very rarely saw,
Thinkin’ ’bout Rosemary and thinkin’ about the law.
But, most of all she was thinkin’ ’bout the Jack of Hearts.

Exploding Robotic Baby Ducks

…one of my greatest creations.

Well, here it is, 11:30 at night and I’m about 90% drunk. It has been a busy week for me and so, after Grace and I had a nice taco dinner, I decided to have a pint of Guinness…or 7. Maybe 8, I’ve lost track. Actually, they were a bit more than a pint. Maybe a pint and a quarter. Regardless, I’m pretty heavily relaxed:)

So I’m thinkin’ I need a FAQ. A Doc FAQ. Hell, every other entity on the net has one, so why not me? Here goes…



I never answer that question truthfully, but here are some of the answers I’ve given in the past. “I was a hospital corpsman in Viet Nam” “My parents wanted me to be a doctor” “I’m a descendent of Doc Holliday” “I’m a freelance gynecologist”


No, at work I wear black ones. And often, I go barefoot. But yes, I do wear the red sneakers most of the time. Been doing it for 24 years.


At the very least, yes. In fact, several are way screwier than I am.


As far as I know, I have not sired any offspring. I have been very influential in the raising of my nieces and nephews and several friends children, so no doubt I’ve warped enough youngsters for one lifetime.


No, my first wife was a dimwitted demoness from Hell. But to be fair, she was very good in the sack. Pity that I forgot that if yer getting the milk for free, you needn’t buy the cow.


Actually, yes, but not very often. “Tap Dancing Penguin of Love” has popped up a few times, just to name one.


More than you can know. There was substance abuse, gambling, rambling, whoring, criminal activity, violence, heroism, stupidity, love, lust, sin, revenge (served hot, not Klingon style), dangerous physical and mental activities, false ID’s, vast quantities of alcohol, near death experiences, a small bit of incarceration, lying, spying, double & triple crosses, firearms, sharp objects, fast women, dangerous punks, larceny, mayhem and willful violation of a great many local/state/federal/international statutes. Good God, it was fun!

Well, since it took me about 20 minutes to write that last paragraph, I reckon I’m ready for bed. More bloggage tomorrow (when I’m not slaving over a hot word processor working on the Pro Writing Job)

Bad Stuff

Well, bad news has been in abundance recently. First, my dear friend Avis Crane had to have her very sick cat, Emma, put to sleep on Tuesday. Emma was nearly 18 and had been in poor health for a year or so, but that did not make things any easier for Avis. As she helped Grace and I deal with losing Roscoe, so we are being there for her.

Then I heard about Scott Haring being injured in an accident and losing his youngest son. Thankfully, Scott and his wife and eldest son are not in bad shape, but losing a child is the most terrible thing I can imagine. Grace and I will be sending our best thoughts their way

Finally, there is the terrorist attack in London. So far as I know, none of the Brits I know were injured, but I feel sorry for those folks who were injured and the families of those who were killed. Still, the people of London made it thru the blitz and WWII and IRA terrorists, so they’re a tough bunch. Now if they can just catch the motherfuckers responsible…

And on a very personal note, it looks as tho my Sweet Angel is moving towards menopause. I’ll do everything I can to help her over these next years, but I know that will be not nearly enough.

Hopefully, we’ll enter a GOOD news cycle soon.

Follow The Purple Brick Road

…and don’t take any shit from witches.

Here’s a sick, twisted and fun little meme…How Would You Get Rid Of My Corpse?

Tell me how you’d dispose of my corpse. Then post this in your own journal to find out how other people plan to get rid of YOUR body!

In other news, I finished a short A&E zine for the big anniversary issue. Unfortunately, I did no work on the pro writing job due to excessive laziness today. I’ll do better tomorrow after work.

Love And Spiced Peaches In The Land Of The Golden Bear

…Oh yeah, spiced peaches:)

I did a reasonable chunk of writing today after some gardening and other chores. 1,500 words on the paying job…another 400 or so on an outline for a writing for fun thing that I’m trying to get going with my friend, Avis…about 300-400 words on my new “Kingdom Building Sim Mark 2.0″…so, all in all, a pretty good writing day. I’ll probably knock out another thousand words on the pro job after dinner and our nightly exercise walk around the neighborhood. Hmmm…I need to put in a bit of time writing my A&E zine, but I have tomorrow off, so I might just do it then.

Grace and I have been discussing our finances lately. Part of this is due to the past 9 months being a very financially tight time and part of it is cos we’re looking ahead to next spring when our car will be paid off, thus freeing up almost $430.00 a month towards other things…not the least of which is paying off the fucking credit cards. We both agree that, while $$ are tight, we are in good shape. Thanks to the insane housing market here in California (and in most of the rest of the U.S.A.), our house is increasing in value at a rather amazing pace. Even if the housing bubble bursts, we know that it will bounce back here in California faster than just about anywhere else. We have no plans to sell in less than 3 years, but when we do, we’ll be making a pretty nice profit on the old homestead.

In other news, I’m a bit less sad about missing Origins this year. The more I hear about it, the more I’m thinking that GAMA is clusterfucking it more every year. Still, if I can afford it, I’ll go next year. If I can’t afford it, maybe I’ll attend a couple of the small cons that go on out here in the spring and fall.

Getting back to the kingdom building sim I’m doing, it’s going to be almost entirely a play by email game, since one of our regular players (Sharon)is moving to the Bay Area in early September. This being the case, I may open the game up to a couple more players. If any of you are interested in playing, let me know and I’ll send you the short but sweet rules when I get them done.

And now it is time to eat dinner. More blogfest later.

The Horticultural Whore VS Big Sunny

Oy vey! It’s that time of year when temperatures routinely stay above the mid nineties (or even above the century mark) during the day. Now for myself, this is great weather, but for me poor wee plants it can be a bit stressful. Or even deadly. This is mostly because my front yard is pretty much devoid of shade until just before sundown.

So, I move plants around to try to give them some respite from the heat…or I water them more often…or I just take a hardline Darwinian stance and get rid of the weak and try something new. Still, I do wish my flatleaf parsely hadn’t gotten fried.

On the other hand, my tomatoes are making up for lost time and 99% of my plants are doing just fine, so I shouldn’t complain too much.