Attack Of The Hippies & Geeks

…at least it was a non-violent attack:)
This is pretty spot on…

I am 10% Geek.
I wish I was a Geek. But alas I am not. Damn.

I wanna be a geek. But I’m not. Why would I even want to be one. Do I think it’s fun? I should try writting an online test application at 1 am in my underwear

This is pretty close…

I am 47% Hippie.
Wanna Be Hippie!

I need to step away from the tie-dye. I smell too good to be a hippie and my dad is probably a cop. Being a hippie is not a fashion craze, man. It was a way of life, in the 60’s, man.

Squid Paste In A Tube

…revolting, yet convenient.

Update on the Update

Yesterday was a fairly productive, yet mellow, day. It involved…

Writing: Knocked off just shy of 2,000 words. More writing today.

Eating: Did very well on the eating front. Nice healthy meals.

Walking: Walked almost exactly one mile in the heat of the day. I’ll be trying for a mile and a half today.

Cooking: The catfish turned out yummy, tho a bit too subtle in the spicyness department. The zuchinni came out very tasty.

Thinking: I did a bit of work on the Kingdom Building Sim. Today, AFTER the Pro writing, I’ll do more. I’ve already got 2 of the 6 maps finished, thanks to Campaign Cartographer Pro.

And now it’s time to water the garden and then jump back on the writing chain gang.

A Big Bowl Of Fun

…that’s me!

Doc Update

Reading: Alarums & Excursions #360
Writing: The final few thousand words of the Pro Writing Job
Watching: Designing For The Sexes
Playing: Runescape
Eating: Stuff with less fat and less salt…in lesser quantities
Walking: At least a mile per day
Cooking: Catfish with fresh herbs, zuchinni parmesan, green salad (tonight)
Listening: A mix of The Ramones done for me by my friend Sally
Thinking: About the new Kingdom Building Sim that starts next month
Debating: Transpanting a shitload of herbs
Preparing: To plant Fall veggies
Drinking: Water

Werewolves Of Fresno


In Which The Good Doctor Gets Angry And a Bit Scared

I went to see my doctor today and in the process of having the nurse take my pulse and such, found out that my blood pressure has been on the rise these last few months. I was floored by the news, since my blood pressure/heart/cholesterol/etc have always been spot on normal. After thinking on it for a few minutes, I got a bit scared (the whole mortality thing) and then angry. No fucking way am I gonna have high blood pressure and that sort of shit.

So anyway, starting tonight, the eating habits are changing and the excersie begins. It’s time I lost some of this extra tonnage and got in better shape. If My Sweet Little Coreopsis Of Cuteness can drop 20+ pounds and counting in order to fight her diabetes, I can sure as hell do it to get my internal workings back to where the ought to be. Fucking high blood pressure indeed!

Grace Does LJ

…well, she has an account:)

Yes, My Sweet Little Sauteed Duck Breast With A Port Wine Reduction Of Love has finally taken the plunge and gotten an LJ account. I don’t think she has posted anything yet, but feel free to go visit _lythande and say hello.

There Were Flowers In Her Hair And The Ocean In Her Eyes

…and then time stopped.

Blog Fodder

Got the latest issue of Alarums & Excursions today…issue #360, the 30th anniversary ish. I was actually kind of thrilled to see my name and zine back in A&E after all of these years. I reckon I’ll have to contribute for a few months or so.

My cantalopes have started to ripen, which means I’ll be picking one or two every day for awhile. Picked two tonight after I got home and I ate one for dinner. Exceptionally sweet and yummy. we also picked the first of our heirloom tomatos, a Cherokee Purple, and it was delish.

Picked up Dork Tower #31 today and it was excellent, as always. Oh, curse that Kovalic and his cartooning talent, anyway:)

Due to our Adventures In Poverty, Grace and I are falling way behind on our movie viewing. I fear we will not see “War of the Worlds” or “Fantastic Four” until they hit Pay Per View. We’ll try to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” soon, but we may have to waste our money on food or bills or other frivolities.

Hey, all of you who will be going to GenCon next month, I expect to see lots of daily con reportage here on LJ. And post pictures if you can.

Bedtime calls, so more blogging tomorrow.