He Was Bitchslapped By Love

…and he loved it

The Random Musings of a Gamer

Thanks to various gaming news sites, the posts by many of my LJ friends and my regular evening IM conversations with my pals Peter Hildreth and Avis Crane, I’m hearing alot about GenCon ’05. I still kinda miss not being there (not terribly miss it, just kinda miss it), but I’m hearing plenty of gossip and news.

Still, thinking of the con and gaming has caused me to daydream about some probably undoable gaming related ideas. In no particular order, here they are…

50 Games, 50 States, 50 days

This idea involves a car (and a couple of plane trips), 50 card/board/war/rpg games, anywhere from 3 to 6 gamers and a shitload of driving. To tell the truth, I’m pretty sure the whole trip could be done in about 3 weeks, but without corporate sponsorship (which might, actually, not be so hard to get) and people who could afford to take 50 days off work, it will probably remain a dream. On the other hand, ya never know what will happen.

Thr Great GenCon Caravan

For this one, I’d get a bunch of West Coast gamers together in San Francisco about 5 days before GenCon and we’d jump in our cars and drive to the con. Along the way, we’d sightsee, game and generally have fun. Hmmm…maybe I’ll actually try to organize this for the GenCon ’07 trip.


I’ve actually done something close to this before, at GenCon ’93. Folks, I’m talkin’ about the Worlds Largest TOON game! I’m talking 100+ players immeresed in delicious cartoony mayhem! I’m also talking about only one turn per player. Conversely, I could have fewer players (or not, if they played in shifts) and try for the Worlds LONGEST TOON Game. Maybe 12 hours long or even longer if I had assistant Animators to help me. Hmmmmm…maybe this would be a good idea for My Triumphant Return To GenCon in 2007.

The Gamer X Games

This one would get various groups of gamers out into the great wide open. I’m thinking a dozen or so groups playing various games in wild and remote locations across the U.S. and Canada. Think of it…a GURPS game in Death Valley…Apples to Apples played in the Alaskan wilderness…Warhammer on the edge of the Grand Canyon…a Vampire session in the Everglades…yeah, it could be fun AND an real life adventure.

Anyway, those are a few of my ideas. I may post a few more sometime. Right now, I’ll finish my brekky, go for a 2 mile walk, then write & write & write.

More blatant bloggishness later.


3 comments on “He Was Bitchslapped By Love

  1. tashkal says:

    I would probably sign up for TOONStock, if I wasn’t demoing things (which is what my previous trip to GenCon entailed).
    And as to the 50/50/50 idea… would it have to be the same other gamers each time? If you prearranged the games with locals, there wouldn’t be much problem with it at all, I think.

    • Doc Cross says:

      And as to the 50/50/50 idea… would it have to be the same other gamers each time? If you prearranged the games with locals, there wouldn’t be much problem with it at all, I think.

      Well, idealy it would be the same folks, since the optimal driving situation would often put the travellers in remote corners of states (such as the Four Corners where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico touch), but meeting up with gaming groups from various states would be possible.

  2. unclelumpy says:

    Alright, everyone, may I have your attention, please?
    We got some BAD cream pies going around out there, so… So unless it’s from someone you know and trust (such as you can), don’t go taking any in the face, especially if the crust has started going green, okay?

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