The Anoles Of History

…not to be confused with a karma chameleon

Well, aside from a 2 hour session of Attempted Suicide By Landscaping, today was a pretty mellow day for me. Got up, ate, yadda yadda yadda. Worked on some turns for the Kingdom Building Game…did a bit of reading…listened to some reggae. Then, about 2:00, I decided to go tackle the hillside in my seemingly neverending quest to get enough of it chopped away to build a fuckin’ retaining wall.

Two hours later, after a brutal steel cage match with the hardass clay soil, I decided to stop working so I could either have a major heart attack or just keel over dead. Fortunately, I was saved from having to choose by My Sweet Little Pad Thai of Passion, who helped me put the tools away and stagger into the house and the loving arms of my Lazy Boy. Still, despite everything, I reckon I removed another 1,500 pounds of soil.

And now, back to game turns and drinking a bit of green tea,

The Ten Blue Budgies Drop Acid

…windowpane, to be exact

Aah, my friends, there are dark times ahead for your old Uncle Doc. Well, actually, there are dark times ahead for much of the northern hemisphere, because fall is here and winter is fast on it’s heels. Outside right now it is rainy and cloudy and cold. I hate winter and I’m not a big fan of fall. My psoriasis flairs up due to the lack of bright sunlight and my S.A.D. will kick in every so often. I hate cold weather and, having a driving type job, I’m no fan of rain. Also, I can’t do my nightly walking in the fucking rain and cold, so I’ve gotta go to a mall after work and walk there. On top of everything else, it’s a shitty time to work in the garden. Still, it could be much worse…at least it doesn’t snow here and days with freezing level temperatures are pretty sparse. Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to springtime.

A Note To Players In My Kingdom Building Game If you haven’t got your second turn in, please do it. I’m gonna do a marathon turn answering session this weekend. Another handout will also be on it’s way soon.

In other gaming news, the mysterious game ideas I mentioned in an earlier post are slowly evolving. I will reveal this much: Rules will be a version of FUDGE, while setting will be a mixing of Pulp and Fantasy. But Doc, what KIND of Pulp and Fantasy, you ask. Ah, well, that would be telling:) More on this later…possibly in the next ish of A&E. The possibility of a playtest at DunDraCon is still alive.

And now off to work. More Thrilling Blog Tales later.

Mrs. Wangdoodle Plans A Jewel Heist

…with help from her budgie, Bertram

Just got back from seeing “Wallace & Grommit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit” and I must say it was great fun. Not as funny as “The Wrong Trousers”. but quite funny and well worth the price of a ticket.

Next movie trip for Grace and I: “The Legend of Zorro”…in a week or so.

It’s been a fairly busy weekend so far, with much running around doing errands & chores. I’m still working on digging out the hillside so I can pour concrete for the retaining wall, but it’s hard diggin’ now that I’ve hit the heavy clay layer. Only solid rock would be harder to dig through…and yet, my stubborness will keep me digging until one of us makles the other it’s bitch. Right now, smart money is on the clay soil.

And now, I must finish my lunch and go fight the good fight against my clay nemesis.

Doc Tempest And The Ghost Of Merlin

…title of the March 1941 issue

Well, I finished “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” last night. My my, the shit certainly hit the fan near the end of that one, dinnit? And pity all the poor writers of romantic H.P. fanfic:) No wonder they all nutted up when the book came out. Personally, there were few surprises for me in this book. I mean, didn’t anybody else see the romances coming back around book 2?As for the much ballyhooed death, I had that figured out by about page 100. The big betrayal? I’m betting we’re in for a “Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi” moment in the next book. I will say that the “R.A.B.” curveball took me by surprise. Anyway, despite all the necessary background exposition and a lack of action scenes, a good read…but I thought “Order of the Phoenix” was better. Now we only have to wait a couple of years and it’s all over.

In other news, this Saturday looks to be a busy one for Grace and I. Much scurrying around doing various errands and then FINALLY seeing the Wallace & Grommit flick. And Sunday will see me doing massive yard & garden chores.

On the gaming front (since most of you who read this are gamers), there is reason to feel equal mixes of terror and joy: Doc is tinkering with both a homebrew rules set AND a spiffy new setting. It is possible that playtesting of this Infernal Device may take place at DunDraCon.

And now I must go. More Thrilling Blog Stories later.

Every Time I Smell Her Hair, The World Goes Away

…and that’s a good thing

Doc Update #69

Quick update, as I’m trying to speed thru “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” so My Sweet Little Chile Relleno Of Love can read it.

Had a good, tho not nearly productive enough weekend. We were foiled in our attempt to see the Wallace & Grommit flick due to problems beyond our control.

Still walking many a mile each evening, and now I’ve added working out with 8 pound dumbells before every walk. Weight loss should be at or beyond 20 pounds by now. I’ll do a weigh in on Friday.

Bought even more little plastic dudes (snakes & pirates this time) on Sunday at the Dollar Tree store. This brings my L.P.D. collection up to exactly 3 kazillion.

Note to my Kingdom Building Game players: You can send in your next turn any time.

Gotta go read more H.P., then head for work. More blogathon later.

Walking Out Of The Sun

…and walking into the night

Uncle Doc’s Day

Well, so far Grace and I got shoes for my humongous feet…ate french ground steakburgers, french fries, onion rings and a banana milkshake at Nationwide Freezer Meats (the BEST damned hamburgers in the whole Sacramento area)…got a free pie at Baker’s Square (which I can only have a teensy slice of, since I’m on a diet)…bought several used CDs at Dimple Records…and now are at home to catch our breath.

Soon, I’ll be going out to but some other stuff while My Sweet Little Marsh Rabbit Of Sweetness catches her usual midday nap. Later tonight, there will be recorded episodes of Lost and other shows to watch, as well as things to do on the computers. No doubt some smooching and sundry naughtiness will sneak in there somewhere, too.

And now, I go to read a few websites before resuming my consumerist ways.