Coyote Is My Co-Pilot

…send religious hate mail to idon’

BLAAH! Monday…another fuckin’ week of working…I need to win the lottery.

I have put the Official Castle Cross Techie (Grace) onto the task of figuring out how to post pictures here on my LJ. Once she has it all hammered out, I’ll put up some pics for your wonder and amusement.

It’s raining and nasty outside. That sucks.

The Fiction Experiment should go up fairly early tonight…with a real TITLE! You still have time to submit suggestions about who Arielle is calling, too.

I think that, in an effort to stave off the Winter Doldrums, I shall buy some modelling compound and tools and do some sculpting. I used to do a fair amount of sculpting in years past and I’ve had a hankering to resume it.

Besides doing various forms of writing this week, it’s also Doc Cleans And Straightens Up The Game Room/Library Week. A Hurculean task, to be sure, but I’m up to it. Still, it might not be a bad idea to take a GPS locater with me, in case I get lost and Grace needs to find me:)

One good thing about this time of year: Seed and Plant catalogs! I’m going to be sending off for about 20 of them this year, in anticipation of a rather huge garden next spring.

And now…off to work. More bloggage soon.