Violet Eyed Night Girls

…watching and waiting

Before I begin this episode of the Fiction Experiment, I’d like to announce that I’ve finally given it a real title…

“My Wand Is Quick”

This is a take on the old Mickey Spillane novel “My Gun Is Quick”.

One last thing. Altho I changed the characters somewhat, I actually chose the suggestion I’ll bet most of you didn’t think I would:)

My Wand Is Quick: Part 4

Arielle sat down behind her desk and reached for the phone. It was time to call in some help.

As she dialed the number, she thought about also calling her coven…or even her mother, but decided against it. They would only go all “layers of protective spells and then consult the signs” on her. Not what she needed just now. What she needed now was a safe place to store Pete while she got some answers…and the guys she was calling lived at ground zero for paranormal safety.

The phone rang three times and then a sleepy male voice answered.

“Ghostbusters…Dr. Stantz speaking…”

“Hi, Ray. Arielle here. Sorry to wake you, but I’ve got a hot one here that I need to put on ice.”

There was a moment of fumblesounds on the other end, then Ray was back. “A hot one? How hot?” He sounded more curious than alarmed. Classic Stantz, that.

“Hot as in Touched,” Arielle replied, running her hand through her short spiky hair. “Not sure who touched him or why. Figured I’d do the questioning at your place.”

“Good idea,” he said, the excitement beginning to build in his voice. “I’ll wake everyone up and charge the blasters. How long will it take you to get here?”

Arielle thought for a moment. This was a job for the Rainbow Gateway. “Hmmm…San Francisco to Manhattan…I can be there in an hour”

“Sounds good,” Ray said. “We’ll be waiting for you.”

“Thanks, Ray. See you in an hour.” She hung up the phone and looked at Pete who was staring at here with a slackjawed look on his face. “Ok, monster bait, let’s get going. My house is only a couple of blocks from here.”

Pete stood up and Bob strolled over to the door. As the left the office, Pete started asking questions.

“We’re going to New York? How? What’s this Rainbow Gateway thing? Why did you call me monster bait? Ari, answer me!”

They were at the elevator now. As the doors opened, she gestured Pete in, then followed him. “I’ll answer all of your questions once we get to my place,” she sighed. “Just walk fast once we hit the street and if anything happens, hit the dirt and keep Bob close to you.”

“Bob? The dog? What good will he be?”

“I’m going to piss on this mug’s leg for that, first chance I get,” Bob said.

As the elevator began going down, Arielle chuckled. “You’d be surprised at what Bob can do. Besides, anyone in your sort of fix should take all the help they can get.”

No request for suggestions this week, gang. You’ll find out why next week.

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    Oh, for the record, my friend Maureen, the one who I bought that GBI stuff off of you to give to for her birthday?
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