Finding Things Before They Are Lost

…Aaah, those were the days. Well, nights, actually.

Well, since none of you chose a favorite subject line for me to write about, I’ll be spending the next few days preparing a somewhat different New Years Day Subjectapalooza. It’ll be a HUMONGOUS honkin’ post, so I’ll put it behind a cut. Look for it New Years Day.

I’ve decided to spend my half of the hundred bucks that my mom gave us for Xmas and get a CD player boombox. Nothing fancy, but since we don’t own a stereo, we really need something to listen to our growing CD collection on. Later in the new year, I need to get the car CD player fixed. It crapped out about a month ago and took the dashboard clock with it.

My birthday is on a Sunday this year (only about 31 shopping days left!), so I’m thinking I’ll take either a Monday or a Friday off and make it a 3 day weekend. What I’ll do is beyond me, since I doubt we’ll be out of our Adventure In Poverty by then. Oh well, I’ve still got a month to figure it out.

And now, off to slave in the pizza mines.

Tipsy Piglets

…they’ve been drinking fine swine wine

Doc’s Xmas Report

Xmas Eve: Grace and I drove up to Marysville and spent a couple of hours with my family at the home of my niece, Molly, and her fiance, Nick (and their dog, Thor). It was nice and my mom gave us $100.00. Now we’ve got to get her a present.

Xmas Day: Slept in…hung out around the house…cursed the rain…accomplished very little.

End of Doc’s Xmas Report

No episode of “My Wand Is Quick” this week. Next week for sure.

Candy Cane Confidential

…an X rated Xmas

To all of you, regardless of your holiday affiliation…


See? I found the perfect non-offensive holiday greeting:)

Not that I’ve ever given a fuck about offending people:)

Walking Hand In Pseudopod On A Starry Night

…when the stars are right

Doc’s Holiday Greetings Post

To all my Friends and LJ Friends: To you all, a INSERT FAVORITE HOLIDAY GREETING HERE! I’ll try to keep amusing y’all in the coming year. I hope Santa brings you lots of loot.

To the rest of the world: HappyMerryWhatever to you. Please try not to breed in the coming year.

To the evil fucks of this world: Die, you vile motherfuckers!

To the animals of the world: You outnumber us, for goodness sake. Do the math here…and remember, we may not taste good, but we are filling.

Doc’s Year In Review

Hmmm….let’s see…

The Year Of Adventure In Poverty continues, but there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel.

My dog died. That sucked terribly, but life goes on.

It was a year of Health Non-Events…Grace and I both had slight health scares that turned out to be nothing. Gotta be thankful for that.

Thanks to the wacky 2005 weather, my veggie garden was less than it could have been. Hopefully, 2006 will let me have a better tomato crop.

On the whole, my family and friends remained healthy and happy. This is a good thing.

I did Pro Writing in 2005. That felt good and was lucrative enough to pay a few bills and buy me a few goodies. Of course, the project I wrote will not see publication until early 2006.

After 4.5 years and just shy of 130,000 miles, our 2000 Honda CRV (AKA Curvy) is still running like a champ.

My Sweet Little Coconut Cupcake With Raspberry Filling Of Love is still the Greatest Wife In The Known Universe.

I’m not dead or in jail, so I reckon I’m doing ok. Well, except for needing that winning lottery ticket.

Doc’s 2006 Year In Preview

I don’t like trying to predict too many things, but here’s a few I’m pretty sure of…

Biggest. Veggie. Garden. EVER!

More Pro Writing. Mostly because I need the money and the Writing Fever is upon me.

Goodbye to the Adventure In Poverty. Coming in June to a household near me.

Increased gaming con attendance. DunDraCon…Conquest Sac…Kubla Con

10th Anniversary Vacation in Hawaii!

The Return of Canine Happiness to Chez Cross!

And now, off to work for me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Reindeer

…ho, ho, ho, dude!

How Grace And I Will Spend The Holidays

Friday: I’ll get off work early…to go to the doctor (nothing serious). Grace gets off work at her usual time. We’ll do our regular Friday stuff plus eggnog.

Saturday: Wake up…do regular Saturday stuff AND buy gifts for my families pets, in memory of Roscoe…No presents for humans…At about 5:00, Grace and I will head to Marysville, to my niece Molly’s house, for the annual Xmas Eve gathering…about 9:00, we’ll head home.

Sunday: Sleep in…goof off…possibly drink more eggnog.

That’s it. Our New Years will be surprisingly similar, minus the gathering with my family.

Live Nerd Girls

…and they do larp dances

Oh Laziness, thy name is Doc. I know, I missed the fiction entry for last week and am a day late for this week. I’m a baaaaaaad boy.

My Wand Is Quick: Part 5

“What do you know about my fix?” Pete said as the elevator came to a stop at the first floor. “I haven’t told you anything about it yet.”

As the doors slid open, Arielle poked her head out and gave a quick look around. Seeing that all was clear, she grabbed Pete by the arm and hustled him through the lobby.

“I know that you’ve been attacked at least a couple of times by strange little creatures. You’ve fought them off or outrun them pretty easily, but they’re getting bigger and tougher, aren’t they?” She glanced at his face and got an affirmative nod.

She kept talking as she lead him down the street towards her house, all the while looking out for a potential ambush. “That’s what being Touched is all about, Pete. You’ve been turned into a magnet for supernatural creatures. Each time you fend off an attack, you ensure that the next species of creature will be a little bit bigger and badder. Eventually, you won’t fend off the attacks.”

Pete gasped loudly and stopped walking. “But…why? Who would do such a thing? Why me?” His voice was rising and people on the street were staring. Arielle resumed walking and pulled him along with her.

“Why? Because your fear feeds into a sort of terror power pool. Who? A sorceror, of course…maybe somebody you know. Why you? That I can’t say, yet. Give me a day or two and I’ll know more. Aah…home sweet home.”

They stopped in front of a classic San Francisco “Painted Lady” victorian home. It was painted bright green with yellow trim and seemed to be in very good repair. As they walked up the steps, the front door opened.

Arielle smiled and said, “Hello, Auntie. This is my client, Pete. He’s in deep shit. Can you rustle us up a couple of sandwiches and a cold one?”

Ok, Dear Readers, who is Auntie?

Harry Potter And The Dildo Of Fire

…Professor Snape better watch out!

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Grace and I saw it this morning. In my opinion, it’s a good movie, but not a great one. The acting was fine and the fx were well done, it’s just that the whole story was…not different enough. I’ve seen too many movies that covered similar ground. Maybe I would have liked it more if I’d ever read any of the books. I will say that the much bitched about (in fannish circles) religious aspect was not only toned down, it was no big deal. Worth seeing, but maybe not worth re-seeing.

Oh, by the way, before the flick, we saw the trailer for “Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest”. It looks to be great.

In Other News

My friend, smalley_smoot, sent me his printed out PDF version of “Savage Worlds”. For that, I thank him profusely and I shall soon dive into reading it whilst sipping on a tall glass of Pete’s Wicked Ale.

Today was a pretty lazy day, with the major high points being us seeing the Narnia flick and then finding out that even when I’m REALLY hungry, I can’t polish off the 1 pound hamburger at Fuddruckers.

It has been rainy and nasty all day, hence the aforementioned laziness. I hold out little hope for tomorrow seeing a change in either the weather or the laziness factor.

Just a note to remind you, Gentle Reader, that there is still time for you to choose your favorite Subject Line from my 2005 LJ entries. Those picked will be singled out for special treatment in my All Singing All Dancing 2006 Subject Line Review.

And now, it is time for ale. Alas, there are no whores to go with it, but that is probably all for the better.