Sweet Tasting Evil

…and the first taste is free

Doc’s Day

Despite having the day off, I’ve been surprisingly busy. To whit…

Woke up at 8:30, ate, drank tea, read email, watched Sarah Moulton on Food Network

Started a load of laundry, straightened up living room

Worked on maps for the Kingdom Building Game

Did more laundry, washed dishes

Played Diablo II, ate Hell In Your Mouth Chili, drank a Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. porter. Very tasty.

Straightened up the bedroom (on Herself’s side o’ the bed), moved some boxes of Stuff

Started on replies to Turn 11 of the Kingdom building Game

Vacuumed bedroom and hallway, drank another porter. Alas, no brewskis left.

Now goofing off , soon to be doing more vacuuming, more laundry, more dishes and starting dinner.


Oops…break will be longer than I thought…latest issue of Mother Earth News just arrived in the mail.

It Was Never About The Cheap Thrills, It Was About Moderately Priced Thrills

…and the odd Luxury Thrill

So, today I’m 52 years old. Odd as this may seem to my younger friends, this is no big deal. See, after you hit 50, only the odometer rollover birthdays are important…and even then, just because they are milestones. So, in 8 years when I hit 60, I’ll be excited. Or not.

What cool prezzies did Uncle Doc get this year? Not much. A set of tres cool silicon bakeware, a few other kitchen goodies and a bunch of veggie seeds for the 2006 Bigass Veggie Garden. Later today, I’ll have Thai food for lunch with My Sweet Little Fairy Tern Of Passion. We were supposed to eat Thai food last night, but we ate a big late lunch and that kinda screwed the dinner plans.

And now, I’m off to bake my birthday cake.

The Rare And Beautiful Leaping Turtle Of Potawango Island


January 27th is the Second Annual

LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day!

Because we can pretend that the world makes sense the other 364 days of the year.

Oh yeah, this day is starting off well. Woke up with a kink in my tail (that Grace fixed by giving me a shot of muscle relaxer) and news on the telly saying that some bunch of nutcases tried to break The Traitor Bush out of prison. Fortunately, they were taken out pretty quickly by guard raptors, but it still means another round of sweeps by the FBI/CIA/NSA/SXU.

In other news, I’ll be turning 143 on Sunday and the party will start Saturday morning. Hope to see you all there.

Here Come The Beer Monkeys

…hide your brewskis!

Not a lot to report on here at Castle Cross. I’ve decided that my birthday cake will be devil’s food with chocolate raspberry frosting, with Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on the side. Birthday dinner will be Thai, at one of Sacramento’s many Thai restaurants. I have no idea what gift Grace will get for me. Hell, I don’t even know what I’m getting myself!

And now, I’m off to wash some dishes.

The Horticultural Whore Dives In

…to digging the dirt

First off, let me tell ya that one hour of hardass labor ion the garden is AT LEAST equal to walking 5 miles at a good clip. I did just over 2 hours of gardening today.

I transplanted plants both large (a bigass Autumn Sage) and small (about 60 garlic plants…which leaves me with about 4,000 to go), mostly to the hillside garden.

I pruned several plants, tho not nearly as many as need it.

I cut a bunch of spinach and lettuce, then turned the whole bed over to make way for planting…well, I don’t know yet.

I dug up about 2.5 tons of fucking bermuda grass.

I mulched all the transplanted plants.

And then I came inside and collapsed. If it’s not raining or freezing next Monday, I’ll finish my Three Day Birthday Weekend with a day of gardening and seed buying.

And now, as promised yesterday, the Herb Garden list for 2006…

French Tarragon: The plants I put in last year got fried by the summer sun. They may come back this spring, but I’m planting more anyway.

Basil: I’ll plant lots of Genovese, a bit of Thai and maybe some Cinnamon Basil. The Genovese will almost all go for pesto sauce.

Chives: Actually, I’ve already got a nice chive patch, so this year I’ll plant some Garlic Chives.

Sage: I’ve always had trouble growing culinary sage. It is very sensitive to humidity caused by overwatering, plus, bugs love it. But what the fuck, I’ll try again.

Parsely: I’ve already got Flat Leaf growing, but I’ll plant some Curly Leaf later on.

Dill: I’m thinking about 3 plants should do it…for seeds, dill weed cuttings and plants for butterflies.

That’s it…most of my herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Fennel, Marjoram, Sage, Lemon Verbena) are perennials, so I don’t need to plant them. I might find a few more exotic herbs, but the ones I listed are definitely on the list.

And now…dinner, courtesy of My Sweet Little Mango Chutney Of Passion.

The Horticultural Whore Is Going Crazy

…and it’s all the weather’s fault

I may be able to get some gardening done tomorrow, but after that there is a prediction of very cold fuckin’ weather for the coming week. Cold as in down into the upper 20’s a couple of nights. Time to mulch the spinach again.

So anyway, I’ve got a fat stack of Gardener’s Porn (AKA seed and nursery catalogs) sitting here and I’ve been thinking about the veggie garden for this year. So far, this is what I’m probably going to plant… Behind this handy cut

Hot Blue Power Blasts


Got up at the totally wretched hour of 6:30 to get ready for a 7:45 doctor appointment. Found out that, despite 21 pounds of weight loss and drastic changes to my eating habits, my blood pressure is still a bit high. The doc gave me some mild BP medicine to take for a month, then I’ll go back in for more poking & prodding. Hopefully, the weather will allow me to start walking and gardening again soon so my weight loss/excersise can resume.

I’m going up to see my mom this weekend, for my monthly visit. I’ll also be taking pictures of my dad’s old guitar (a 1942 Martin), which is apparently worth several thousand dollars to collectors. Once we get the pics looked at, we’ll know more. After that, Grace will put it up on Ebay and sell it for mom.

I’m beginning to get those restless mid-winter feelings that come each year. I really need at least a short vacation, so DunDraCon will arrive just in the nick of time…as it does every year.

This weekend will also see a major resumption in the “Bassetization” of the house, in preparation for the arrival of canine cuties in March. Not sure what Grace will be doing, but I’ll be ripping up old carpet.

And now comes the tea drinking, followed by the commuting and working.