Sweet Tasting Evil

…and the first taste is free

Doc’s Day

Despite having the day off, I’ve been surprisingly busy. To whit…

Woke up at 8:30, ate, drank tea, read email, watched Sarah Moulton on Food Network

Started a load of laundry, straightened up living room

Worked on maps for the Kingdom Building Game

Did more laundry, washed dishes

Played Diablo II, ate Hell In Your Mouth Chili, drank a Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. porter. Very tasty.

Straightened up the bedroom (on Herself’s side o’ the bed), moved some boxes of Stuff

Started on replies to Turn 11 of the Kingdom building Game

Vacuumed bedroom and hallway, drank another porter. Alas, no brewskis left.

Now goofing off , soon to be doing more vacuuming, more laundry, more dishes and starting dinner.


Oops…break will be longer than I thought…latest issue of Mother Earth News just arrived in the mail.


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