The Ten Blue Budgies Find The One Ring

...and then trade it away for a cuttlefish bone. Wow, was it ever rainy and windy and stormy here last night! I'm surprised that the trees stayed standing and the power stayed on. Unfortunately, it was not windy enough to blow the weeds out of my garden. I was too tired last night to continue … Continue reading The Ten Blue Budgies Find The One Ring

We Only Like The Nice Monkeys

...not the evil monkeys I know what yer thinkin': "Gee, I wonder how the weekend goeth for Doc & Grace?" Well, it goeth like this: Saturday was pretty lazy except for Spring Curryfest 2006 (which went very well indeed, tho I was forced to use beef instead of lamb) and my 2 hours of sitting … Continue reading We Only Like The Nice Monkeys

Magenta Mice

...chased by turquoise cats What's Up, Doc? Reading: The Mother Earth News Watching: Surface (where the shit is about to hit the fan) Listening: Michael Nesmith - The First National Band Albums Writing: The latest goings on in the Kingdom Building Game Preparing: TOON characters and Stuff Eating: Shrimp Thinking: About creating a new game … Continue reading Magenta Mice