Dinosaur Meatballs

…one brachiosaur will make about 250,000 of them. Serve with spaghetti.

Doc’s Day Update

Worked about 4 hours total in the garden. Started digging up the stray and very invasive California Roses. Man, was that a mofo of a job. Gave my 5 huge lemongrass clumps a haircut, which was pretty easy and smelled great, but then I had a huge pile of cuttings to deal with. Did some transplanting, pruning and raking, then took a 1 mile walk.

Washed my half of the dishes, washed some laundry, worked on the Kingdom Building Game (more on that below) and now I’m probably too pooped to start the Art Project. Maybe I’ll just watch the Olympics with My Sweet Little Three Wattled Bellbird Of Cuteness.

Gaming Stuff

About the Kingdom Building Game: It’s starting to get complicated. Not the turn/turn reply aspect. THAT I streamlined and it works well. No, what’s taking more and more time is the maps (plotting/drawing) and the amount of thinking I have to do about both the Player Cultures turns and the Non-Player Cultures turns. Things are getting very interesting and complex as cultures are finally meeting each other (or coming close to it). I’m not exactly sure what I can do…I’m at about 1 1/2 turns per month now. I suppose I’ll keep forging ahead, but I expect that at some point (like, if war breaks out) I’ll be down to 1 turn a month. I shall have to think on this.


It’s that time of year when game cons are starting to pop up, leading to GenCon in August. Now, I won’t be at GenCon this year, but I’m thinking about GenCon 2007, which I sure as hell WILL be attending. What I’m mostly thinking about is what I do and don’t do at Gencon…

What I do: Visit with friends, cruise the Dealer’s Room, hang out in bars with other game designers/writers, eat at various ethnic places, play in and GM room games, watch some anime and maybe catch a seminar.

What I don’t do: Play in official games or run official games.

So what I’m thinking about…and in fact I’ve thought about it for years…is organizing a sort of “shadow con”…a bunch of games run by myself and various friends. While most of these games would be by/for my friends who usually run in room games, I was thinking it might be kinda nice to set up a few late night games for my gaming industry buddies, too, since they are so busy during the day.

I’m talking about 2-4 games a day (to allow for doing other stuff), plus maybe a board/card game session or two. Hell, I even have an idea for a LARP. I can think of at least 3 or 4 other GMs who might be up for this idea. We’d have a printed out con schedule and everything.

I shall think on this idea, too.


9 comments on “Dinosaur Meatballs

  1. unclelumpy says:

    So this “shadowcon” will be AT GenCon or will be a whole different con unto itself?

  2. doc_mystery says:

    If I were going to GenCon this year (which I’m not), your plan would be a great way to do it. In fact, my last attendence 2 years ago, I didn’t game with anyone I didn’t already know.
    With your “Shadow GenCon”, you get the advantages of the Dealer’s Room to rummage about old and new games, attend other con events (Panel discussions, Art Show, Mini’s, costume show), and you get to meet, dine together with, and play RPGs and board games with friends far flung around the world, and not just hang out with a bunch of strangers.

    • Doc Cross says:

      So, Doc, will you be joining us all at GenCon 2007? and if so, might you be cajoled into running a game full of pulpy goodness? Take your time to consider, since ShadowCon (temporary name) 2007 is still about a year and a half away:)

  3. delazan says:

    Sign Me Up
    Sign me up for your shadowcon. I am very interested in playing and/or running.

  4. hey, you gonna participate in Con Quest Sac (www.conquestsac.com) (this April at the DoubleTree in Sacramento)?
    It’s a pretty-hands on con and the organizer is pretty flexible… you can do events how you want them.

    • Doc Cross says:

      I shall indeed be at Con Quest Sac and I’m signed up to run two roleplaying games. One is TOON and the other is Over The Edge. I was gonna run a seminar, but I’ve kinda changed my mind. I would, however, be glad to be on a panel for somebody elses seminar.
      What else I might do at the con remains to be seen:)

      • I realized after that we had talked about this on the Fantastic Frontiers group, lol, so I shouldn’t have had to ask. Silly me. Swiss cheese brain. Guess that’s why I like sci-fi, because I’m a space cadet.
        Though remind me, what was the seminar you were considering?
        Glad to hear you’ll be running games, thanks!

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