We Only Like The Nice Monkeys

…not the evil monkeys

I know what yer thinkin’: “Gee, I wonder how the weekend goeth for Doc & Grace?”

Well, it goeth like this: Saturday was pretty lazy except for Spring Curryfest 2006 (which went very well indeed, tho I was forced to use beef instead of lamb) and my 2 hours of sitting in the driveway drilling holes in #10 cans and them wiring them together so as to make circular planters consisting of 7 cans each. Made 3 of them, so I’ve got cheap planters for 21 herbs/strawberry plants/bunches of carrots. Grace spent Saturday washing dishes, doing computer stuff and watching the Olympics. speaking of which, I drank Molson lager in honor of the Canadian men’s curling team taking home the gold. Man, those fellas were a deadeyed accurate bunch, eh?

So far, Sunday has seen Grace doing more computer stuff (including getting an appraisal on my dad’s 1946 Martin guitar, which my mom wants to sell. If our preliminary research is right, it should fetch a few thousand dollars from a collector.

Mostly, I’ve been straightening up and consolidating some of the many MANY boxes of stuff we have. Sweet Chocolate Coated Jesus, we have a bunch of stuff. As in: 3 boxes of maps, tour guides and stuff from our vacations…at least 5 boxes (so far) of gaming related stuff from various cons…2 boxes of assorted magazines…a box full of old bills…a box full of assorted cardstock minis and printed out dungeon tiles…and so many boxes of paperback books that I’m thinking I should just say “fuck it” and open a used book store.

No gardening today, as it has been getting cloudier and cooler and more likely to rain by the hour. With luck, next weekend will be better.

And now, it’s time for a game of Dungeoneer with My Sweet Little Chicken Enchilada Of Passion…and then some writing…and more box sorting!

The fun never stops.


2 comments on “We Only Like The Nice Monkeys

  1. jbru says:

    Hmm. I have some friends that would at least drool at the prospect of a ’46 Martin in decent shape, if not be seriously interested in acquiring same. Keep me posted.

    • Doc Cross says:

      Will do. By the way, it’s a Martin O-11, I’m pretty sure. A smaller body size than the much more sought after D series. And it was owned from day 1 by my dad until his death in 1984, when it went into it’s case and then into the back of my mom’s closet for these last 22 years.

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