Mrs Wangdoodle Buys A Elephant

…and uses a skip loader as a pooper scooper


From the Daily Illuminator…

“And more of that good stuff is coming, including . . . REAL soon now . . . Doc Cross’ unholy blending of Toon ( ) and Munchkin ( ) , creatively titled Toon Munchkin. That’s not a link because it’s not up yet. But REAL soon now.”

Yes, folks, THAT was the pro writing gig I started last spring and turned in last fall. Coming soon to a PDF file near you:)

Swimming In The Volcano Of Love

…Ooh, it’s hot hot hot!

In Which The Gaming Discussion Picks Up Speed

As I mentioned last time, this whole “Level 0 Campaign” idea came to me when I was map making with Campaign Cartographer (an exceptionally cool new edition of which will soon debut) and the map you would use with this game is an integral part of the whole enchilada.

See, my idea is that you create a map of a small area, say 10 miles by 10 miles, stick a small village or town in it…add a few farms…maybe a small fort…put in a smattering of wilderness…and that’s the home town of the PC’s. Naturally, you could choose to create a city for them…or populate the small town with one or more races…or whatever you choose. The idea is to GIVE them a (somewhat loosely defined) home town…something that most characters in most games don’t have.

I said the town was loosely defined and I mean that mostly in regards to the population. Yes, you’ll have various businesses and farms and such, but you only need to give names/basic descriptions to the people the young PC’s encounter or are related to. More in depth definition comes later, with the players filling in the blanks as the grown up PC’s go about their adventuring.

So now we have a location with a loosely defined population. Next up is to create a few kids, some of whom will be chosen to become our proto-PC’s. These would be pretty simple templates for the players to choose from. You’d have strong kids, fast kids, tough kids, kids with a bare touch of magic potential, kids with better than average dexterity/agility…a couple or so of each.

From there, character development would be entirely based on choices made by the players. Naturally, they would have an idea of what sort of PC they eventually want to play, but exactly how the kid PC gets there is up to them. Perhaps Avis wants her kid to use his dexterity to become a swashbuckling type of fighter/thief, while Grace wants her high dexterity kid to become a martial arts using mage. This game (setting, actually) is what lets them lay the groundwork for that…as well as developing the character’s basic personality.

Next time: The rules question, kid adventures, non-gamers and the big finish.

Wild Soft Pretzel Migration

…many will die in the mustard pits

In Which Doc Stars A Gaming Discussion

So lately I’ve been thinking about roleplaying games…and non-gamers…and people who really like character creation and development…and what the RPG hobby/industry generally doesn’t do.

My conclusions? Well, one of them is that most players, even those who do manage to create a bit of a character concept before actually creating a character, give short shrift to character background. Oh sure, they might fill in some details of the background as the game progresses, but that is often done to justify having certain skills or attributes. Not always, of course, since there are folks out there who create some really in depth character info, but most of the time I’d be surprised if a given character has a half a page of background.

Tied to this is the fact that most non-gamers have a problem with wrapping their head around certain types of character. Characters based on well known stuff like Star Trek/Star Wars, well known superheroes and tv shows are pretty easy, but the basic fantasy archetypes (and those of pulp, horror and many flavors of sci-fi) are not things they really have experience with.

Another thing that both non-gamers and many experienced gamers don’t have is a connection to the character. In non-gamers, this is because they…A: don’t know the archetypes…B: start out as a full fledged hero…C: have to spend so much time learning the rules as they play. In experienced gamers, not having a connection to a character leads to the old “charge in and kick ass because this is just Fighter #231 and I can roll up another if he dies”

So anyway, I’m thinking about all this while I’m also working on some maps for the Kingdom Building Game and, as often happens, my muse hits me upside the head and says…

“Why not create rules and a very limited setting for starting characters out from the very beginning…late childhood to early teens…when they will gain the attributes and skills that will let them eventually set off on the adventuring path? Give them some very simple early adventures that will hone these skills a bit, eventually leading them to what D&D would consider 1st level.”

In other words, create the game that lets a player (especially a first time non gamer) build the character from the REAL ground level up, in a setting that is quite mundane and small compared to the humongous RPG settings they will encounter later.

And in my next post, we’ll take a look at how that might be done.

Chicken Soup For The Sociopathic Cannibal’s Soul

…written by Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Hey, kids, it’s meme time! Yoinked from delazan

The Rules:
1. You can only say YES or NO!
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments to the entry and asks.

Taken a picture naked? Yes
Made out with a member of the same sex? No
Danced in front of your mirror? Yes
Told a lie? Yes
Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes
Been in a fist fight? Yes
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? Yes
Been arrested? Yes
Left your house without telling your parents? Yes
Ditched school to do something more fun? Yes
Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? Yes
Seen someone die? Yes
Kissed a picture? Yes
Slept in until 3? Yes
Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes
Played dress up? No
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Felt an earthquake? Yes
Touched a snake? Yes
Ran a red light? Yes
Had detention? Yes
Been in a car accident? Yes
Pole danced? No
Been lost? Yes
Sang karaoke? No
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Kissed in the rain? Yes
Sang in the shower? Yes
Got your tongue stuck to a pole? No
Ever gone to school partially naked? No
Sat on a roof top? Yes
Played chicken? Yes
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes
Been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? Yes
Broken a bone? Yes
Mooned/flashed someone? Yes
Forgotten someone’s name? Yes
Slept naked? Yes
Blacked out from drinking? Yes
Played a prank on someone? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Made a parent cry? Yes
Cried over someone? Yes
Had sex more than 5 times in one day? Yes
Had/Have a dog? Yes
Been in a band? No
Drank 25 sodas in a day? No
Shot a gun? Yes

I will gladly answer any enquiries:)

The Horticultural Whore Goes To Seed

…as in spinach seed

I was, among other things, in gardening mode today. I transplanted about two dozen seedlings (mostly tomato) into larger pots, then started about 35-40 heirloom variety spinach seeds. I’ll start another 40 or so in a week or ten days.

After that, I went out and gathered up some bits of sedum from the large mass growing in my border garden. Sedum is just about the easiest plant in the world to transplant, since all you have to do is shove bits of it into the ground every few inches. And that’s exactly what I did. with any luck, it’ll grow in thick and nice and choke out the weeds.

The last bit of garden work I did was to pour about 6 teakettles worth of boiling water onto assorted weeds. There, Mr. Weed, eat boiling death! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

In Other News…

Some time back I wrote about my idea to hold a sort of “shadow” con during GenCon 2007. I’ve decided that this will indeed be a good idea, so I’m going to begin plotting it in a few months. By the time GenCon 2006 is over, I should have a pretty good idea of the basic idea for this intracon. There will, of course, be no charge for this con within a con…I mean, GenCon badges cost enough as it is.

Still on the topic of gaming, I am thinking of starting another LJ just for the purpose of chewing the fat about gaming, game design, adventure ideas, etc. Would any of y’all be interested in such a thing?

And now, I’m outta here.

Red Butterfly Attack Unit

…hmmm, sounds like an anime title

Grace and I were a couple of busy beavers today. First, we hit a plant sale where I bought…

2 types of Aster
2 types of Sedum
A blue flowered Salvia
A Red Raspberry vine
A really cool Ajuga with neon purple colors
A dwarf Bamboo
A Geranium

After that, it was grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, where we bought all manner of vittles. Next, after a quick stop at Safeway for even more vittles, we went to Chef Bo on Fair Oaks Boulevard. There, I ate a bigass plate of Mongolian Beef while Grace had an equally big plate of Green Bean Chicken. Stuffed like a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys, we came home and kicked back for a few hours.

And then we FINALLY got the new tv up and running. Holy Frijoles, is it the fuckin’ bomb! Big ol’ wide rectangular screen with a great looking picture! Even as I type this, we are watching LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring. Life is good.

And now, off to bed.

Bucky & Squint Build A Giant BattleMek

…and it’s powered by soybean oil, so it’s eco friendly

Damn! Will we never finish re-arranging this cursed living room so that I may watch my new tv for a bit before locking myself in the Game Room/Library to get some writing done? I swear by the Gilded Nipples Of Aphrodite that this foolishness will be done by tomorrow afternoon!

And now, from the Home Office in Mud Bay, it’s…

The Top Ten Things I Have Regretted Saying (with added parenthetical notes)

10: “It’s ok…that bull is way over on the other side of the field…he won’t chase us” (Lesson learned: distance can be deceptive and bulls can move with amazing speed when properly motivated)

9: “Dude, they said their parents won’t be home until after midnight! Tonight, we get lucky!” (if, by “lucky” you mean having to, at about 10 PM, leap half naked out of a third story window into an oak tree, do a barely controlled fall to the ground, then outrun 3 werewolves posing as guard dogs AND an angry father made entirely of muscles, by running through a peach orchard and hiding in a cold irrigation canal, then yes, it was a “lucky night)

8: “Hey, I trust you to know the way there. I’ll just snooze for awhile” (Note: one cannot go directly from San Jose to Yosemite by driving south, then west, then south some more)

7: “Those were great cookies, Auntie” (in fact, they tasted like barely sweetened cardboard, but my little white lie ensured that she sent me 3 dozen of the fuckers every Xmas for 6 years)

6: “I’m sure I can fix it” (no, I can’t)

5: “Yeah, those pants do make your ass look big” (I was SO young and dumb)

4: “Yes, I was staring at her tits. What’s wrong with that?” (as it turned out, there was quite a bit wrong with it)

3: “Ok, Mom, here’s the truth…” (despite everything they might say, mother’s really DON’T want to hear the truth)

2: “Sounds like a good idea…I’m in” (I love my friends and family, but time has proven that about 50% of their grandiose plans are decidedly not good ideas)

And the Number One Thing I Have Regretted Saying is…

1: “Susan, will you marry me?” (I still sometimes wake up in a cold sweat from that one)

And now, off to the Friday session in Dr. Yen’s Rotisserie of Dermatological Goodness, then work.

Intentions As Clear As Glass

…and secrets as dark as night

Great Hoppin’ Horny Toads, today at work was an assbuster. I’m pretty sure half of the population of Sacramento County ate pizza today…and I delivered about half of it (the rest got eaten in our store). Whew!

And now, our daily Top Ten List, from the Home Office in Fredonia…

Top Ten Iron Chef’s You Never Hear About

10: Iron Chef Kazakstan
9: Iron Chef Inuit
8: Iron Chef McDonalds
7: Iron Chef Army Chow
6: Iron Chef Candy Bars
5: Iron Chef Easter Island
4: Iron Chef Rice A Roni
3: Iron Chef Taco Bell
2: Iron Chef Purina Dog Chow

And the Number One Iron Chef You Never Hear About is…

1: Iron Chef Roadkill

Long Haired Women Make Me Howl At The Moon

…but then, so do the women with short and medium hair:)

Those of you who read my zines in Alarums & Excursions back in the day will no doubt remember my Top Ten Lists. Well, once again, I’ve decided to rip off David Letterman and put Top Ten Lists here in my LJ. I’ll do at least one a day for as long as they keep me amused.

Now, from the Home Office in Isengard, it’s…

The Top Ten Songs That Must Be Played At My Wake (assuming that I ever die, of course)

10: Minnie The Moocher by Cab Calloway
9: Surf City by the Beach Boys
8: Rock & Roll High School by the Ramones
7: Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
6: Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin
5: Wind Up by Jethro Tull
4: Jump, Jive and Wail by Louis Prima
3: Who Do You Love by George Thorogood
2: Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood

and the Number One Song That Must Be Played At My Wake is…

1: Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

And now, just to lighten up the mood…

The Top Ten Rejected Children’s Show Character’s

10: Phlegmy, the Tubercular Turtle
9: Macky, the Littlest Pimp
8: Sadistic Squirrel
7: Osama bin Llama
6: Krazy, the Bi-Polar Klown
5: Ned the Necrophile
4: Vickie Vomit and the Bulimic Bunch
3: The Republican Party
2: Caroline, the Cursing Cow

and the Number One Rejected Children’s Show Character is…

1: Mr. Let’s Kill Mommy

Hot Buttered Clams On A Stick

…coming soon to a state fair near you

Twas another mellow (read: lazy) weekend here at the old homestead. Tonight, tho, will be busy with the moving of furniture and such in the living room. Gotta make room for the new tv on Wednesday…and get a bunch of stuff organized and moved into the garage and Room of Doom.

Grace and I are both doing pretty well, healthwise. No flu or colds…allergies not too bad yet…weightwise, we are holding steady, but should be back on the weight loss path once good weather arrives. Financially, things are still tight even as we see the light at the end of the tunnel getting very close. Few money related things feel as good as paying off a car that is still in excellent running shape. I can only imagine what it would feel like to pay off a house.

Gamingwise, I’m getting that old GMing jones again. This is a Good Thing. Of course, I need to beef up my present group…two players is not quite enough…four would be better. Hmmmm…sounds like recruitment time to me.

And now, I’m off for my Monday session in Dr. Yen’s EZ Bake Oven, then on to work!

The Great Indoor Camping Experiment

…Beverly Hills, 1979

Well sir, Grace and I headed off to Best Buy today and bought ourselves a spiffy new HDTV ready television and a stand to put it on. Of course, it won’t be delivered until Wednesday, but that still means we can soon get rid of our rapidly dying old tv…and hook up our beboxed DVD player.

In other news, my recent weeks of thinking up new game systems to use for a sort of DungeonPulp setting has lead to to what I should have seen coming a mile away: I don’t need to do a bunch of rules hacking. Any of the rules systems I currently use/like will suffice. As always with me, it all about the setting. Thankfully, this momentary lapse of reason only lasted a short while and did manage to yield many good setting ideas, so it’s all good.

Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t have to do a bit of rules TWEAKING to do, especially if I were use D&D, (and I’m not talking about fuckin’ D&D 3.whatever) but that’s ok. Actually, I’m leaning really strongly towards FUDGE as the system. More on all of this as it develops, of course.

And now, to bed!

Knight Of The Long Knives

…he’s a medieval Terminator

Watched the new Doctor Who on SciFi Channel tonight. Very enjoyable, even if it was a bit of a shock to my ingrained memories of Whos past. Plenty of Whovian goofiness and stuff. I look forward to future episodes.

The Big Yellow House On Party Road


So, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Now, I don’t really do most holidays and I sure as Hell don’t do any religious aspect of any holidays, but St. Paddy’s Day does have a place in my predominantly Celtic heart. Most likely it’s because I have fond memories of my mom cookin’ up corned beef and cabbage with all the trimmings. Yummm yummmm! I suppose the many times I’ve partied hearty while wearin’ the green might have added to my feelings, too:) Whatever the reason, you can bet I’ll be downing a pint or two of Guinness tonight in honor of me Irish forefathers, what came here from the Emerald Isle way back about 1720. (My Scottish forefathers got here even earlier, in the mid 1600’s, but they were still in second place to my Native American forefathers, who got here several thousand years earlier than that:)

Now where is my holiday that celebrates being Portugese?

Harry Potter And The Sexy Spirit

…in which Moaning Myrtle is moaning for a whole different reason:)

And that’s as close to HP slashfic as I’ll ever get:)

More on the Time Travel theme

After having received a couple of thoughtful comments on my time travel post, I’m in a mood to write a bit more on the idea. Timewise, let’s say this all starts just about the time World War II ends. As for the date I’d be leaving, well, let’s say 2020.

After a bit of thought on the subject, I’m thinking that the way to start the whole history changing ball rolling would be to sow worldwide chaos and panic via the use of bioweapons, economic tampering and just generally scary messing around. This would do two things right off: badly disrupt the flow of Business As Usual and create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia that would leave much of the human race ripe for manipulating.

The bioweapon use is pretty much self explanatory. I reckon I’d start it in Russia (making sure I wiped out their atomic program early on) and China, but in fact, all countries would get a dose. Of course, I’d immunize a bunch of people beforehand, either because they would need to live to further the cause or (mostly) in case the bioweapons worked a bit too well.

Economic chaos would pretty much naturally follow the above, but I’d give it a helping hand. A crop failure here, some really bad stock tips there, the odd factory closing due to sabotage…pretty soon, the greedheads wouldn’t know what to do.

As for the generally scary messing around, well, you could go with a few “alien encounters” in small towns. Given the ability to use technology and 21st century makeup effects, you could put on a pretty good show. In a similar vein, why not make use of the superstitions held by many religious people and stage a few sightings/encounters with “demons” and “devils”? Mix into that a few monster sightings and unexplainable events and you could really stir things up.

After things were good and chaotic, you would want to start placing your loyal minions (AKA people firmly under your control via any number of means) into positions that allowed them to control certain things. Politicians, military personnel, fundamentalist preachers (this one being especially good for mass mind control), business leaders, scientists (easily lead about once you gave them the merest glimpse of knowledge from 2020), people in the entertainment industry (easily controlled given their vanity and generally low intelligence) and people in the news media…all of them would be doing their subtle or not so subtle bit to aid the cause.

I’ll write more on this later, but to clear up one question, let me say this: I would never let anyone see my real face…I would reward loyalty generously and punish disloyalty severely (and make sure all other minions knew about it)…I’d use my technology and skills to always be in several places at once…after initially contacting people and getting them on my side, they would never see me in person again. Effectively, I’d be The Shadow:)

Now, showering, eating and working.

Red Roses And Chocolate Cake

…insert witty comment here

Ok, so here’s the deal…

About a year ago, I told a non-LJ friend about my blog and I also teased her with a hint that certain of my LJ titles, when added together, would give one pretty a pretty good glimpse into part of My Wild And Misspent Youth. I didn’t think much of it after that, but today she dropped by where I work to tell me she had figured it out and I’ll be damned if she hadn’t. So, as a prize to her, I told her I’d acknowledge her skill as a sleuth.

Ok, Ms *****, you rock. You are the mistress of piecing together clues. I bow down before you.

What, you ask, did she learn? You’ve gotta figure that out yourself:) Email me your guesses and, if you are right, I’ll tell you:)

As Rare As a Pellucidarian Sunset

…and that’s pretty darned rare

Doc’s Day

Due to crappy weather and a low $$ situation, today was spent inside doing various domestic things. Laundering was done, dishes were washed, garbage was taken out and…

…I finally finished straightening up and organizing the Game Room/Library. It took me about three hours due to stopping every few minutes to read stuff and look at neat things. things like…

17 spiral notebooks containing everything from gaming ideas to GenCon/DunDraCon trip plans to naughty notes about my old days on various computer BBS’s. Damn, I met a bunch of ladies on those BBS’s…including Grace.

Many little plastic dudes, cardstock miniatures, game tokens and cool toys.

Lots of magazines, ranging from “Bird Talk” to “Organic Gardening” to “PC Gamer” to “Playboy”.

A whole pile of games that I forgot I even owned.

So anyway, right now Grace is putting a few boxes of her books into the 8 plastic milk crates I set up as bookshelves in the center of the room. Once they are full, I figure we might be able to squeeze 5 more books or 12 Cheapass Games products into the room before it explodes.

Next reorganizing project: Either the living room or the Room Of Doom.

The Thrilling Adventures Of Dr. Tempest And His Electrical Airship

…from the January 1895 issue

A bit of steampunk style Doc Tempest there:)

So anyway, our television is crapping out on us. The picture keeps getting blurry…sometimes incredibly so. Nothing we have tried will correct it, so it looks like we’ll either have to go buy a new set or go blind. Financially, we can swing monthly payments until about June, then pay the fucker off fast. We’re not gonna get a bigass plasma monitor or anything, just a decent sized telly that, unlike our current one, will play nice with our DVD player (which is still in the box, lo these 3 years). More on this exciting home entertainment drama as it happens.

Saturday wasn’t an action packed thrill ride here at Casa Cross. Grace did taxes, I did household stuff, the garden drained off excess water and we ate beans & weenies for dinner. Steed and Peel we are not:)

And now, bedtime. Perhaps Sunday will be filled with adventure and other cool stuff.

Morning Madness And The Magic Teapot

…without that teapot, the madness would reign

Thoughts on Creative History Reconstruction
Lately, I’ve been thinking about time travel in general and changing history in particular. Recent history, to be exact. Say…oh, the last 50 years or so. Not just my personal history, tho that would of necessity change, but world history. I’m assuming that I could travel back to about the mid 1950’s armed with a few laptop computers, all the necessary peripherals, several terabytes worth of information on stuff that has happened in the last 50 years, a bunch of cool spy gear/tech toys and some advanced weaponry (including biological based goodies).

Rather than try to change history via the “kill all the right people” route (although, of course, there would no doubt be some unavoidable wetwork that I would most likely have to contract out), I’d go for both the “long con” method and the “warning in advance/guide the good guys” method.

Let’s face it, running a long term scam on the evil greedheads/racists/religious nuts/warmongers would be dead easy once you convinced them you were in fact from the future bearing valuable information. Once you showed them some photoshopped “news archives”, gave them a couple of great stock tips/Superbowl winners and predicted a few big news events, the greedy powermongers would hang on your every word. Then would come the lying and the false archives and the misguidance. In short order, you would have them doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons. By the time the axe fell on their voluntarily extended necks, they’d be so deluded that there would be a crafty smile on their faces as their heads fell into the basket. That’s how the long con works.

At the same time, you would be feeding all sorts of good info to the people who wore the white hats…and they’d wear those white hats because you made sure they deserved them. There would also be a few tech advancements doled out here and there (alternative power, computers, medicine, etc), just to get things on the right track a bit faster.

Some world events would go on as in the original timeline, some would be expanded and many would never happen. Needless to say, a shitload of new events (some “good”, some “bad”) would need to happen. This is where some of that wetwork would come in, as well as the saving of some lives.

In the end, the world of 2006 v.2.0 would not be perfect (because, after all, there would still be humans in it), but it would be a damned sight better, cleaner and less crowded. And the colonies on the Moon and Mars would be way cool:)

Oh, and in case you were wondering how I’d change my own life….well…here are a few bits.

I’d meet Grace about 20 years earlier
Financial solvency
No dead father
I’d write/publish D&D, but base it on storytelling, not wargaming
No enlisting in the Navy
Better physical health (as in, not fat)
I’d meet most of my good friends earlier

So, feel free to discuss this, ask questions, tell me I’m crazy, whatever.

And now, off to work!

It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Gets Turned Into A Wallaby

…cos then the party is over, baby

Big News! Doc Begins Exercising!

Yeah, I know it may well end up with me being a pariah amongst the gaming community, but I’ve begun a small program of daily exercise. Every night, coached by My Sweet Little Minmi (look it up under “dinosaurs”)Of Love, I do sit ups, leg lifts and three different lifts with my 8 pound dumbbells. I started on Monday night and I’m taking it slow. Actually, being a fat old sedentary mofo, I pretty much HAVE to take it slow.

I’m thinking that this gut crunching and upper body tightening effort, along with my hopefully soon to be resumed daily walking, will help me look all buff as I lose more weight. Lower blood pressure and that sort of thing will be a bonus as well.

In Other News

We got back the appraisal on my dad’s Martin 1942 O-15 guitar. The appraiser quoted $2,500 and in the next sentence offered to buy it. That tells me it is worth at least $3,500. as per my mom’s wishes, Grace will soon be offering it up for sale on Ebay. Hopefully, it will sell for big bucks and my mom can use the money for…well, whatever she does when she’s not winning four figure amounts at the Indian Casinos.

And now, time to head off to Dr. Yen’s House of UVB Rays, then work.

Lime Green Otters

…not the color they otter be, but what the hell

It is on days like this, when S.A.D. is laying siege to the city walls of my usual sunny personality, that I’m very glad I married Grace. It is only my love and desire not to cause her sorrow that keeps me from saying “Fuck work…fuck everything!” and storming out of the house to do dark deeds.

Man, summer just cannot come fast enough.

The Kitty Cats Go To The GAMA Trade Show

…to debut their new RPG, Litterbox: The Pooping

Uncle Doc’s Weekend

Actually, it was a semi-lazy weekend. Too windy/rainy/cold to work in the garden and we are too post-DunDraCon broke to do much else. But chores were done, movies on the telly were watched, tasty meals were eaten, computing and writing were done…and smooching…mustn’t forget the smooching. All in all, nothing cool and incredible to report.

On Politics

As I have mentioned before, I am no longer an active participant in the political process. I gave it a try, from about 1990 to 2004, but then I came back to my senses. Still, after nearly a decade and a half of being a good citizen and voting and stuff, it sometimes gets hard to keep my distance. For example, now that the braindead masses can only shrug off about HALF of the insane shit the Bush/Cheney Mob have/are done/doing, it looks like there just might be a swing back to the left soon. I was thinking about this the other day and began thinking that maybe I should vote again.

A little voice in my head said “Doc, what if YOUR vote was the one it took to defeat the neocon scum, kick the left in the ass and save us all from a rapidly approaching slide into nationwide…even WORLDWIDE…anarchy and chaos? What if YOUR vote did that?”

At which point, I thanked the little voice for reminding me what was important…and put all thought of voting out of my mind. I feel much better now.

On Gaming

Point 1: I’ve taken a break from working on my Next Big Roleplaying Idea, but I’ll get back to it soon. The ideas came thick and fast, now it’s time to let them ferment before rendering them into a tasty drink for the roleplaying imagination.

Point 2: For those of you who missed it the last 6 or 7 times, I will be attending the maiden voyage of Conquest Sac on April 7-9. I’ll be running a TOON game, an Over The Edge game and hosting a seminar titled “Ok, So Tell Us About Your Character”. When I’m not doing that, I’ll be hitting the Dealer’s Room, the Flea Market, trying to play some games, chewing the fat with other gamers from the Big Tomato and checking out the movies and anime. If you come to the con, look me up.

Point 3: Speaking of the abovementioned con, it will be just about the cheapest con I’ve ever attended. Well, not counting all those years I snuck into Pacificon using forged badges:) Still, Conquest Sac, being about a 12 minute freeway drive from my house, will be very inexpensive for me. No hotel, most of my meals eaten at home or made at home and taken with me, very little gas used…given my recent reluctance to buy much of a game nature, I’m thinking this con will set me back less than $100.00

As opposed to the proposed GenCon 2007 trip which could well top $3,500.00 and will take about 18-19 days from start to finish.

And now, Uncle Doc is off to read webcomics and work on the Kingdom Building Game.

I Would Totally Have Fun Being Wolverine

…come here, neocon scum, and get some adamantium clawed schoolin’

I ganked this from delazan

1. real name and/or screen name: Robert Travis Cross…named for my mom’s only brother (Robert) and my dad’s only brother (Carl Travis)

2. birthday: January 29, 1954 Same year, month and day as Oprah Winfrey

3. place of residence: Carmichael, California A suburb of Sacramento

4. what makes you happy: People I love, kids, animals, good food, good sex, making people laugh

5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last: Last music I listened to was the Norton Buffalo album “Loving in the Valley of the Moon”

6. (from delazan) do you read my lj: yes

7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it: The day to day stuff.

8. an interesting fact about you: I have a pretty good singing voice.

9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment: Yep, with my Sweet Angel, Grace

10. favorite place to be: With Grace and or people I love or alone in the wilderness

11. favorite lyric: “Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name/But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game” Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones (ask me on another day and you’ll get a different fave lyric)

12. best time of the year: Summer, with the temperature between 90 and 100, very low humidity and not a cloud in the sky.

13. weirdest food you like: Hmmm…I dunno…raw meat?

14. do farts make you laugh: Of course…it’s hardwired into my male psyche.

1. a film: The Outlaw Josey Wales
2. a book: Pierced Heart by Robin D. Laws
3. a band, a song and an album: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention “I’m The Slime” from Overnight Sensations

1. (for delazan)one thing you like about me: You have a kind heart
2. two things you like about yourself: I’m a very good human being… and I’m very creative
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you. Here ya go.
4. post a picture of you: See the icon