As Rare As a Pellucidarian Sunset

…and that’s pretty darned rare

Doc’s Day

Due to crappy weather and a low $$ situation, today was spent inside doing various domestic things. Laundering was done, dishes were washed, garbage was taken out and…

…I finally finished straightening up and organizing the Game Room/Library. It took me about three hours due to stopping every few minutes to read stuff and look at neat things. things like…

17 spiral notebooks containing everything from gaming ideas to GenCon/DunDraCon trip plans to naughty notes about my old days on various computer BBS’s. Damn, I met a bunch of ladies on those BBS’s…including Grace.

Many little plastic dudes, cardstock miniatures, game tokens and cool toys.

Lots of magazines, ranging from “Bird Talk” to “Organic Gardening” to “PC Gamer” to “Playboy”.

A whole pile of games that I forgot I even owned.

So anyway, right now Grace is putting a few boxes of her books into the 8 plastic milk crates I set up as bookshelves in the center of the room. Once they are full, I figure we might be able to squeeze 5 more books or 12 Cheapass Games products into the room before it explodes.

Next reorganizing project: Either the living room or the Room Of Doom.


2 comments on “As Rare As a Pellucidarian Sunset

  1. doc_mystery says:

    Snicker at your pulp-romance message title.
    And you should really scan in your 17 old gaming notebooks to let others peek at them.
    Your comment about BBSing reminded me when my alias was “Mr. Slippery” for several years on Toronto BBS’s in the early 1990s before the WWW took off.

    • Doc Cross says:

      I wouldn’t wait for those notebooks to get scanned in anytime soon:) I’m a lazy goob and besides, many of the notes and ideas are half finished scribbles.
      And the naughty BBS notes are…well…really naughty:)

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