Mexican Jenny And The Naked Slip & Slide

…which got alot slipperier once we busted out the vegetable oil

Well, my little chili dogs, your Uncle Doc is about half wasted due to a combination of working my ass off in the garden and then pounding down a 40 of beer. This post may not be as long or as coherent as I would like, but what the heck:)

As is the case nowadays, I started off the morning with a healthy round of gardening. I hoed, dug, raked, shoveled and pruned like a man possessed. Had to dig up a 3 year old Lemon Verbena that had sent most of it’s roots down 2 or 3 miles into the earth’s crust. By the time I got that fucker uprooted (and transplanted the stump that had many small roots AND sprouts on it), I was sweating like a horse and pretty sure I was having a heart attack:)

After more weeding and watering and general messing about with the soil, I laid out the area that will (starting tomorrow) be my main garden. I’ve got room for 10 tomato plants, about 6-8 bush beans, a couple of squash plants and my New Zealand Spinach vines. The remainder of my garden (more tomatos, more squash, melons, spinach, carrots, chiles) will be spread out hither and thither…including a new raised bed that will sit on half of our driveway (which we don’t really use, having only the one car).

After about 2-3 hours of my flailing away in the garden, I came inside, showered and ate lunch. Then Grace and I went off shopping. She bought slippers, a book and an umbrella. I bought compost, manure, herbs, marigolds and a Cape Honeysuckle. And then, we hit the annual SPCA used book sale and bought about 35 pounds of books for $14.00. That came to, I think 20 books…mostly gardening books, cos I, like, don’t have enough of THOSE:)

Once we got back home, I knocked out another 2 hours of gardening, then took my THIRD bath of the day…the ate dinner…then drank my 40 while watching The Incredibles with My Sweet Little Beef Enchilada Of Passion.

I have one of those “letter” memes to do (my latter is H), but I’m too tired and beer infused. I’ll do it tomorrow.

More blog-o-rama when the sun rises.

The Astounding Adventures Of Dr. Tempest At The Earth’s Core

from the May 1895 issue

More Doc Tempest steampunkery:)

Doc Update

Things go well here at Cross Central. Work for both Grace and I is…well, still work, so what can ya say? At least it brings in money.

Healthwise, things are better now that we are both pretty much over our colds. I have a sneaking suspicion (based upon my own non-medically trained observations) that My Sweet Little Double Fudge Pudding Of Love may be nearing menopause time. Of course, I could be wrong, so we’ll see what her doctor says after her next visit.

The garden is going well. Every day after work I spend a couple of hours planting, transplanting and FUCKING WEEDING. Sweet Dog in heaven, those weeds are harder to control than a Republican Congress! Still, my weed jihad continues.

Ya know, every year in the garden is a learning experience and this year, I learned that starting spinach early indoors is not a good idea. From now on, I’ll just sow the seeds outdoors and be done with it. On the other hand, starting tomatos, beans, squash and some herbs early and indoors has been a very good idea.

Gamingwise, I’m feeling the urge to GM something. I’m leaning towards an action packed fantasy adventure game, tho a pirates + fantasy game has some pretty strong appeal, too. Ruleswise, I’m considering a wide variety of options, from True20 to AD&D to modified Savage Worlds to modified Basic Roleplaying.

Also on the gaming from, I’m doing prep work on the next phase of the Kingdom Building Game. First, I rolled several dice to see how far in the future the game moves. The result was 183 years, which is a pretty good jump. Far enough to allow for some history to accumulate, but not so far as to make what has taken place become ancient history.

Next, I rolled on my Metaplot chart. Some of these metaplots were determined before the game ever started, some came about during the creation of PC/NPC cultures and some came about during play. To keep things simple, I rolled for 2 Major Metaplots and 2 Minor Metaplots. One of the major ones (which took a roll of 1 or 2 on a D30) was a real asskicker and will result in the world 183 years hence being way different from the one now. The other, which had a pretty high probability on the chart, was less of an asskicker, but will effect a goodly number of changes to the current PC cultures. The two Minor Metaplots are actually pretty minor at present…but of course, PC decisions could change all that:)

One big change that I’m mulling over is to let each player get a map of the entire continent at the start of the game. Of course, there’ll be precious few details…except for natural features…and a few vague political markings…but it will make things easier for all of us as far as mapmaking/viewing goes.

Time for work…will write more bloggage later.

Dogs On Harleys, Cats With Guns

…they’re high on roadkill and catnip and looking for trouble

Damn…it’s only Tuesday and already my next weekend is laid out before me like a massive battleplan. Actually, in a way, it IS a massive battleplan. See, once a year the local waste disposal company comes by and picks up trash and junk that they don’t normally allow in residential garbage cans. Busted old furniture, old lumber, tree limbs, etc, etc. Well, yesterday, we got a notice in the mail saying our pick up date is May 1. That means that this weekend, I’ll be (with Grace’s help) cleaning out the garage and dragging junk from our Backyard From Hell.

And that’s on top of all the gardening I must do…and going to the movies…and taking a 2 mile walk each day…and other chores.

I get all the fun.

Sweet Hot Robomonkey Love

…with sprinkles

WAR: They Came, They Saw, They Whipped Some Roman Ass

Oh, my brothers & sisters, such a war was fought today! Oceans of blood were shed…magicks both dark and bright were tossed about…monsters ravaged the land…the dead rose up and fought…and the forces of good did yet prevail!

The War against the Neo-Romans was fought today on my dining room table. My friend Arn, one of the players in my Kingdom Building Game, set forth his armies in a massive sneak attack on the Romans. This was a pre-emptive strike to stop a planned Roman invasion of some of Arn’s NPC allies.

Planning for this sneak attack has been going on for 4 years of game time. Arn’s people, the Varralonese, teamed up with a race of Dwarves and a race of forest dwelling folk. The assault involved several factors, including…

Having the Dwarves tunnel deep into Roman territory, so the Allied forces could pop up at or near a variety of places, mostly at the outer perimeter of watchtowers.

Developing all manner of magical or magic/tech weapons, including flamethrowers, rock to mud + fireball bazookas, magical armor & weapons, communications crystals, illusion devices and self propelled/rapid fire catapults and ballista.

A 2 year long program to work a kingdom of Minotaurs (who lived, unknown to the Romans, about 100 miles to the north of them) into a paranoid killing frenzy. This was accomplished by using troops dressed as Romans who were seen “spying” and “plotting” by the Minotaurs. When the attack came, 25,000 highly pissed off Minotaurs swept into Rome from the north.

Training a special forces unit that functioned much like the Marine Corps Rangers and the Navy SEALS.

Inciting a big flock of Pterasaur-like creatures to attack a couple of Roman towns on the morning of the attack.

…and other tricks and stuff.

The Romans, despite having 30,000 infantry and 15,000 cavalry (all VERY well trained) never had a chance. The sneak attack (especially the “wave after wave of berserk Minotaurs”), caught the Romans with their togas down. They put up a helluva fight…and in the end they nuked their own capital city (after sending out several thousand women and children) with a humongous fireball (which took out about 20,000 Minotaurs, too).

Arn’s forces freed many thousands of Roman slaves and gave them the lands of their former masters. And then I let a big GM time bomb drop…

Big Announcement To My Players (and other interested parties)

The Horticultural Whore Spreads It Around

…compost, that is

I headed up to my mom’s house this morning. After a couple of hours of visiting, Mom gave me a bunch of plants from her garden. When I got home I went out and planted some of them and did a bunch of other gardening, including…

transplanting some Irises (not the proper time of year for that, but it had to be done) and some Sweet Woodruff

whacked a bigass bunch of weeds that were attempting to take over Garden Plot A47 (I was getting tired of calling them Garden Plot 1, 2, 3, etc)

spread compost hither and yon

poured several gallons of compost/manure tea on various plants

moved most of my seedlings outside

did some pruning

put Geranium cuttings in water so they’ll form roots

tossed pieces of sedum all over, so as to promote a nice groundcover

and then I rested:)

Meme Time Long memage behind the cut