Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Guinness

…in which the Gryffendor’s get drunk and rowdy and kick Slytherin ass

Doc’s Day

1: Huge brekky at Hometown Buffet with My Sweet Little Golden Spider Monkey Of Sweetness

2: Put in about 2 hours on map updates for the Kingdom Building Game

3: Grace and I went to see “V for Vendetta” and quite enjoyed it. If I were in my 20’s again (in these trying political times), I would find this movie to be hugely…inspiring.

4: Started about 60 carrot seeds (variety: Nantes Orange)

5: Planted a Geranium and 2 Asters

6: Did Laundry

7: Ate a delicious dinner prepared by my Sweet Angel

8: Websurfed and watched “SS Doomtrooper” on the Sci Fi Channel. It had the virtue of not being one of their many movies that feature either prehistoric animals or creatures of legend.

And that’s it so far. Tomorrow, it’s character creation time for the games I’m running at Conquest Sac next weekend. BTW, the Game Discussion will resume soon, as will the Top Ten Lists.


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