Dogs On Harleys, Cats With Guns

…they’re high on roadkill and catnip and looking for trouble

Damn…it’s only Tuesday and already my next weekend is laid out before me like a massive battleplan. Actually, in a way, it IS a massive battleplan. See, once a year the local waste disposal company comes by and picks up trash and junk that they don’t normally allow in residential garbage cans. Busted old furniture, old lumber, tree limbs, etc, etc. Well, yesterday, we got a notice in the mail saying our pick up date is May 1. That means that this weekend, I’ll be (with Grace’s help) cleaning out the garage and dragging junk from our Backyard From Hell.

And that’s on top of all the gardening I must do…and going to the movies…and taking a 2 mile walk each day…and other chores.

I get all the fun.