Mexican Jenny And The Naked Slip & Slide

…which got alot slipperier once we busted out the vegetable oil

Well, my little chili dogs, your Uncle Doc is about half wasted due to a combination of working my ass off in the garden and then pounding down a 40 of beer. This post may not be as long or as coherent as I would like, but what the heck:)

As is the case nowadays, I started off the morning with a healthy round of gardening. I hoed, dug, raked, shoveled and pruned like a man possessed. Had to dig up a 3 year old Lemon Verbena that had sent most of it’s roots down 2 or 3 miles into the earth’s crust. By the time I got that fucker uprooted (and transplanted the stump that had many small roots AND sprouts on it), I was sweating like a horse and pretty sure I was having a heart attack:)

After more weeding and watering and general messing about with the soil, I laid out the area that will (starting tomorrow) be my main garden. I’ve got room for 10 tomato plants, about 6-8 bush beans, a couple of squash plants and my New Zealand Spinach vines. The remainder of my garden (more tomatos, more squash, melons, spinach, carrots, chiles) will be spread out hither and thither…including a new raised bed that will sit on half of our driveway (which we don’t really use, having only the one car).

After about 2-3 hours of my flailing away in the garden, I came inside, showered and ate lunch. Then Grace and I went off shopping. She bought slippers, a book and an umbrella. I bought compost, manure, herbs, marigolds and a Cape Honeysuckle. And then, we hit the annual SPCA used book sale and bought about 35 pounds of books for $14.00. That came to, I think 20 books…mostly gardening books, cos I, like, don’t have enough of THOSE:)

Once we got back home, I knocked out another 2 hours of gardening, then took my THIRD bath of the day…the ate dinner…then drank my 40 while watching The Incredibles with My Sweet Little Beef Enchilada Of Passion.

I have one of those “letter” memes to do (my latter is H), but I’m too tired and beer infused. I’ll do it tomorrow.

More blog-o-rama when the sun rises.

2 comments on “Mexican Jenny And The Naked Slip & Slide

  1. theperkygoth says:

    I’m growing tomatoes, peppers, lettuce (although the lettuce seedlings are looking a little wilted) and soon carrots and spring onions will be planted too. My housemate is in my bad books, he sprayed all my seedlings with insecticide without asking, and I wanted chemical-free organic produce (grumps)

    • Doc Cross says:

      Re: Vegetables
      Youch! Altho I sometimes use herbicides on the really tough weeds (Bermuda Grass, I’m looking at you), I have always avoided most pesticides…with the notable exclusion of snail/slug bait in the flower beds.
      Most of my pest control comes from beneficial insects, especially ladybugs and praying mantids. Right now, there are at LEAST 9 mantis egg cases out in my garden, and probably twice that many that I don’t know about.

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