Fresno Freddy Makes The Big Score

…and he even got the girl, too.

I resumed my walking routine last night with a brisk jaunt around our block. It comes out to seven tenths of a mile, which is a nice start for a guy who hasn’t done any exercise walking in almost 6 months. No lasting aches or pains, so I’ll slowly build up my legs until I’m walking 5 miles (or more) at a stretch. Yes, yes, I’ll take it slowly…Grace is making sure of that. I reckon it’ll take at least 3 weeks before I’m up to 5 miles a night.

In other news, War has come to the Kingdom Building Game and on Sunday, my friend Arn (the only one of my players who ISN’T on the internet) and I will play out the battle on my dining room table. I hold out little hope for the forces of evil, since Arn has been directing most of the resources of his kingdom (and those of his NPC allies) towards a sneak attack on the New Roman Empire. Some of his strategies are pretty unique and interesting…and some of his allies are even moreso. I shall report from the front lines on Sunday.

Just out of curiousity, have any of you bought TOON Munchkin? If so, what did you think of it?

The fast approaching weekend, besides being filled with the thrill of battle, will be a gardening/cooking weekend. I need to get my veggies planted and I need (with Grace’s help) to cook up enough food to last us at least a week. That way, when we get home we can just heat stuff up and chow down. I’m thinking spaghetti…maybe some Docburgers…possibly a taco dinner…hmmmm.

Time for me to go toil in the pizza mines.

The Horticultural Whore Does The Happy Springtime Dance

…with extra frolicking!

It has been sunny and in the low to mid 70’s for the past couple of days and that trend seems to be what we can expect for at least the next week. This means that I’ve been out in the garden after work, yanking weeds. Holy Chocolate Dipped Cheerleaders, do I have a garden fulla weeds! Some of those fuckers are 2 feet tall with a tap root that reaches halfway to the Earth’s core! Still, my yearly jihad against the invading hordes of botanical infidels goes well. It would go better if my electric weed whacker had not died last year, but using the good old manual weed whacker does give me some excersise.

This weekend (after a quick trip up to my mom’s house), I’ll be potting, repotting, planting and sowing seeds. Gonna be a hugeass veggie/herb garden here at Casa Cross this year. I’ll be planting more flowers and shrubs, too. Next year, by Dog, I’ll have so much groundcover growing that I’ll choke most of those fucking weeds out!

Right now, I’ve got dianthus, purple lantana, daffodils, sages and my beloved peach verbena blooming. Oh, and what I think is a grapefruit tree is blooming. It’s only 3-4 feet tall and it’s planted in a terribly wrong spot, but man, is it full of pretty red blooms.

On my ever growing list of things to plant this year: more dianthus, more gazanias, more lantana, more thyme, more sedums, more daylillies and more geraniums. I’m thinking a dwarf lemon and a dawrf blood orange will be on the list, too.

Yes, life is looking good for us garden addicts:) Plus, now that the good weather is here, I can FINALLY restart my nightly walking program. I hope to be up to 5 miles a night within a month or so.

Well, time to sign off and go play Psoriasis VS Skin Cancer: The LARP, then go off to work.

The Day Was Bright And Merry

…but the night was foul and scary

1906 + 100

Just in case you don’t watch any of the various Discovery Channels or live somewhere other than California, today is the centennial of the Great San Francisco Earthquake And Fire. It was a helluva shakeup, folks. How bad, you ask? How does 32 times as strong as the Loma Prieta quake back in the mid-1980’s sound?

Of course, another humonguous quake is due any moment/day/year/decade/century now, as the scientists and people from other states never stop telling us. Does this stop anyone from visiting The City By The Bay? Hell no…we Californians (and apparently many of you non-Californians, judging from the tourist biz in the Bay Area) are a brave and self-deluding bunch. Everyone knows that next big geologic boogaloo won’t happen while WE’RE in The City.

Anyway, 100 years ago the earth moved, a fire started and it pretty much wiped most of a city (28,000 buildings) off the map…for awhile. And it will happen again.

And it is STILL better than having a fucking Tornado Season or a Hurricane Season. People who live in those areas are just fucking insane.

The 10 Blue Budgies Start A Gaming Group

…and an epic level campaign of “Budgies & Balrogs”

Well, boys & girls, today finds Uncle Doc about 90% recovered from his cold, but his Sweet Angel is feeling very sick from her cold. This means that, while I am off to work, Grace will be staying home and resting.

My creative juices have been flowing (tho not as generously as my nasal juices were flowing on Friday) during my recent confinement to the house, so I may have some interesting ideas to share with y’all later tonight.

Now, I must get dressed, go get my megadose of UVB radiation, then proceed to work.

The Rare And Beautiful 6 Legged Hamster Of Potawango Island

…they’re fast little suckers

Well, as could almost be predicted, just as I’m getting over my cold, it would appear that I’ve passed it on to my loving spouse. Poor Grace is feeling congested, sore throaty and generally not good. I shall do my best to doctor her.

In other news, after two dry days when I could have been gardening but for my sicckness, today it is raining fit to drown a duck. I just can’t friggin’ win.

I Often Miss The Dancing Elks

…and the violin playing badgers

Well, I’m not dead. In fact, I’m feeling somewhat better than I was when I last posted. However, knowing that when I start to recover from a cold, I often start over exerting myself, My Sweet Little Blueberry Muffin With Melted Butted Drizzled Over It Of Love has decreed that I shall “stay inside this house and continue resting” for at least another day. Of course, I shall not argue with She Who Must Be Obeyed. Even tho it is NOT raining outside and the weeds are taking over my garden like Germany took over France (altho none of my plants are surrendering). Thus, I remain here in my Lazy Boy armed with bottles of vitamins & minerals…the omnipresent mug of water that I shall drain dry every hour or so…the remote control for the tv…a bit of tea…and my trusty laptop.

I hate being housebound, but at least it gives me time to think (which may or may not be a Good Thing). So, despite sleeping about 14 hours yesterday, I did get a few non-strenuous things done. Such as…

1: Consulted with my rather sparse pre-launch notes for my Kingdom Building Game. This was mostly done to check on my predetermined timeline as to when I would end this phase of the KBG. My players should expect an email soon. Please note that this will NOT end the KBG…just this first phase of it. The second phase is going to be much more personal.

2: Made some notes on how to set up ShadowCon 2007, my “con within a con” for GenCon 2007. Most of the notes boil down to “discuss this with…” anmd then name various GM friends of mine. I won’t really start in on ShadowCon planning until AFTER GenCon 2006, but I want to have a framework ready for all of the discussion and plotting…err, I mean PLANNING:)

3: Made notes regarding a TOON Wars minis rules set and possible future TOON MUnchkin books. Not sure if any of this will ever see print, but I WILL be running TOON Wars at DunDraCon next February.

4: Started a zine for next months Alarums & Excursions. And there was much rejoicing.

And now, time for pills, water and a movie.

Bouncy Dog Revue

…bring the whole family

My sore throat has indeed blossomed into a full blown head cold. I’d say I feel like shit, but feeling like shit would be a step up. My headache sneers haughtily at most pain relievers, my nasal cavities are working at about 150% efficiency in the mucus production area, my joints (which are middle aged and achey to begin with) feel as tho I’ve been beaten on with a big stick and my throat goes from feeling merely sore to feeling like I’ve deepthroated a wire brush.

And now, I must go to work. Thank you for listening to me whine like a little fuckin’ wimp.