The Sun Is The Same, In A Relative Way

…but you’re older

Tomorrow will mark one year since Roscoe died. I had kinda considered staying home from work with a bottle of tequila, but several things changed my mind. Can’t afford to lose a day of work, can’t drink like I used to, don’t want to upset Grace and Roscoe never did like tequila anyway, being a confirmed scotch drinker. So instead I’ll just go about my daily biz and know that now, once the one year mark has passed, the painful memories will truly begin to fade into the past.

I miss you, buddy. You were a helluva dog.


8 comments on “The Sun Is The Same, In A Relative Way

  1. doc_mystery says:

    My sympathies for the anniversary of the loss of your non-human friend, Doc.

  2. unclelumpy says:

    Doc, have I ever told you about the Rainbow Bridge?

  3. avylou says:

    I know where you’re coming from, Doc, my friend. I’m there with you. Funny how the sad memories can sucker punch you right in the gut once in a while, but the happier ones do come more often now. July is my double one-year-mark. Maybe after that I can bring myself to think about another cat to keep Millie company.

  4. delazan says:

    My Sympathies
    You know you have my sympathies. After all, I’m going through the same thing (and so is John, and SARK, and …)

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