Purple Dogs, Yellow Cats, Green Guinea Pigs

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Not A Real Timeline Of My Life: Part 2

July, 1957: After many adventures, the Cross family arrives in Shanghai, China. All records of what happened over the next 3 months were sealed by both the Imperial Chinese Government and the Bear Flag Empire.

Late October, 1957: Arrive home in Marysville, Northern California. Father joins the Imperial Rangers (like the Texas Rangers, only tougher) and Mother takes a job as a teacher at Emperor Norton University (Marysville Campus).

September, 1959: 5 year old Robert begins his most challenging adventure to date…kindergarten. Having been raised by adventurers and spent much time around Imperial rangers, university professors, Native Americans (his paternal grandmother and her kin), cowboys (at the family ranch) and other colorful folk (both related to him and not), Robert is described by his teachers as “a very challenging child”.

To Be Continued…

2 comments on “Purple Dogs, Yellow Cats, Green Guinea Pigs

  1. Native Americans (his maternal grandmother and her kin),Hey, Doc. I am enjoying this. But . . . didn’t you say “and a Eurasian mother”? So, is it your paternal grandmother?

    • Doc Cross says:

      DOH! Yer right, it should have been paternal grandmother. I changed it.
      And wait until you see some of the future entries in this timeline:)

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