Doc Tempest And The Green Eye Of Doom

…from the September 1963 issue

Review: X Men: the Last Stand

Altho I have read several anguished fanboy reviews that declare this movie to be everything from merely flawed to the precursor to the Apocalypse, I gotta tell ya, I liked it.

Is it the best of the three? No, not at all.
Does it have too many characters? Probably.
Does it have plot holes? Yes, but then, most superhero flicks do.
Is it action packed? Yep, you betcha.
Does Kelsey Grammar rock as Beast/Hank McCoy? Oh, hell yes!
Are there some surprises? Yep.
Do I suggest you go see it? Yep
Will there be a fourth movie in the series? Bet the farm on it, but don’t expect it for a few years.

And to all the anguished fanboys out there…better luck with Spider-Man 3, Iron Man and the totally unimpressive looking Superman Returns.

Not A Real Timeline Of My Life: Part 3

Late May, 1960 to Late August, 1960: Spends summer with his grandparents, travelling around the 100 Nations (AKA most of North America between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River). Greatly influenced by Native American culture.

December, 1960: On vacation with family in New York City. This is his first trip to the United States. Somehow manages to free the giant ape, Kong, from his enclosure in the Bronx Zoo. Parents are not amused. Kong evades capture and, altho he is tracked as far as northern Argentina, is never recaptured.

May, 1961: Birth of brother. Robert (now nicknamed “Doc” for reasons that are never made clear) once again spends the summer in the 100 Nations.

October, 1961: Family relocates to the Imperial Territory of Seattle (western Washington state to us) for 6 months while the Imperial Rangers track a smuggling ring. Young Doc begins taking Kung Fu lessons.

April, 1961: While his mother and siblings return to Northern California, Doc accompanies his father and some Rangers north to Alaska Territory on a fishing trip. While there, he gets a chance to live among the Inuits for a month.

June, 1961 to August 1965: School years in Northern California, Summer vacations in the 100 Nations, with various holidays in Australia, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia.

To Be Continued…